Safe & gentle: Which changing pads are convincing?

The changing mat is an indispensable element in the first equipment of a baby. It provides not only comfort, but also safety for your baby while changing. But how do you choose the right changing mat? In this article, we will look at the different aspects of a changing pad and help you find the best changing pad for your baby.

Table of Contents:

  1. Skin compatibility: why it is the most important thing.
  2. Size and shape of the changing pad
  3. The right filling
  4. Washability and care
  5. Special changing pads: Studio Belize changing pad
  6. On the road with travel changing pads
  7. Important questions about the changing mat
  8. Conclusion


1. Skin compatibility: why it is the most important thing

Imagine your baby lying on a surface that contains harmful chemicals every day, several times a day. Your baby's delicate skin is sensitive and easily absorbs substances. Therefore, the skin compatibility of the changing pad is of utmost importance. It is not only a question of comfort, but most importantly, the health and safety of your child.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is particularly sensitive in newborns. Any contact with the changing pad means that your baby is exposed to potential harmful substances. Therefore, it is crucial that the changing pad is free of harmful substances, PVC, plasticizers and other harmful substances. Your baby deserves only the best, and that means a safe and comfortable environment, especially during diapering.

2. Size and shape of the changing pad.

How big should the changing pad & changing surface be? The ideal size for a changing pad is at least 55 x 70 centimeters, although 70 x 80 centimeters is even better. It is important that all corners are rounded and the raised sides are at least 20 centimeters high and well padded.

3. the right filling

The changing pad filling plays a crucial role in the baby's comfort. High quality changing pads are well padded and provide a high level of lying comfort.

4. Washability and care

Does the pad need to be washable? Yes, it is a must! Changing pads should be easy to clean, ideally with a damp cloth and some soap. However, it is important to note that water resistant does not mean the same as waterproof.

5. Special changing pads: Studio Belize changing pad

The Studio Belize changing pad stands out because of its extra skin-friendly vegan leather cover. This vegan leather comes from medical use, is non-toxic, wipeable and washable. The cover, combined with a very comfortable, warming and insulating high-density foam core wrapped in Organic Cotton, provides an unparalleled swaddling experience.

The high-density core not only keeps your baby comfortable, but also safe. This super cushioned base protects your baby while they are kicking and prevents them from hurting themselves. Imagine your little darling lying on this soft and safe pad with a smile on his face, without worrying about hurting himself. It's a comforting feeling to know that your baby is safe.

Away from functionality, the Studio Belize changing pad also scores in terms of design: it's available in stylish colors that blend harmoniously into any room concept without looking garish.

6. On the way with travel changing mats

Travel changing m ats are practical and compact, ideal for on the go. They ensure that your baby can be changed safely and comfortably even when away from home.

7. Important questions about the changing pad

  • How long should you use a changing pad? Until the child is about 2 years old.
  • How do you clean a changing mat? With a damp cloth and soap. It is important to clean the changing pad regularly to ensure hygiene.

8. Conclusion

When choosing the perfect changing pad, the focus is not only on comfort, but especially on skin compatibility and safety for your baby. Considering the daily skin contact, a pollutant-free and washable changing pad should be a priority. With the right changing surface and a changing pad filling that provides both comfort and safety, you'll create an optimal environment for the changing area. It's worth investing in a best changing pad that is both water resistant and waterproof, while protecting your baby's delicate skin. Your baby deserves only the best, and carefully choosing a changing pad is a step in the right direction.

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