Optimal solution for tidiness in children's and teenagers' rooms

Storage space & storage


A children's closet is the ideal storage solution for your child's clothes and helps to easily keep things tidy. Find the ideal wardrobe online to make your child's room neat and attractive.

A child's room often looks chaotic very quickly. A well-designed children's closet not only brings order, but is also a practical piece of furniture for storing clothes. Having their own wardrobe in their room is essential to teach children the importance of cleanliness and order in the home. Children's closets are designed to make tidiness easy: they offer numerous shelves, storage options and a practical clothes rail, providing plenty of space for clothes.

With their appealing design, these pieces of furniture grow with your child and also look good in a teenager's room thanks to their timeless appearance. A modern youth wardrobe with sliding doors is specially tailored to the preferences of children and teenagers and offers plenty of space thanks to its space-saving design. Choose the perfect wardrobe from a variety of models and create a harmonious overall look in the room.

Design for children's rooms


"A Montessori-style children's closet is more than just a piece of furniture. It is a space for learning and growing. It allows children to practice independence and create their environment with joy and order."

- Bell Kink, founder of Studio Belize

Open closet according to Montessori - The advantages

An open Montessori children's closet is an elegant and practical addition to the children's room that offers much more than just storage:

  • Promotes independence: your child can choose and organize their own clothes, which encourages decision-making and independence.
  • Easy access: The open design makes it easy to see and reach items of clothing. This makes it easier for your child to tidy up and maintain order.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility: By learning to care for their own things, children develop a natural sense of responsibility.
  • Visual enrichment and clear structure: The minimalist and accessible structure of the cupboard harmonizes with different room designs and contributes to a clear and appealing environment.

How and where to find the right Montessori children's closet?

If you are considering buying a children' s closet or ordering a children's closet, there are many children's closet offers online. Here are some tips on how to find the right wardrobe:

  • Use online platforms: You can search for your kids closet online to browse the best kids closet best sellers and kids closet recommendation lists. Many stores also offer a children's closet sale where you can buy children's closets at a low price.
  • Pay attention to quality and service: Make sure that the children's closet shipping and children's closet delivery is carried out by a trustworthy children's closet store. It is also worth looking for a children's closet test to check the quality and safety.
  • Personalize as needed: Many kids closet brands offer a range of kids closet sizes and kids closet colors. You can also find specific kids closet designs and kids closet ideas for kids closet storage that will fit perfectly in your home.

With these kids closet tips, you'll be well equipped to find a functional and stylish wardrobe that will enhance your child's room and help your child to develop their independence.

Children's closet - order & independence

Safety is of paramount importance in children's rooms. Furniture should not pose a crushing hazard for little fingers or release harmful substances. Our nursery furniture meets the latest safety standards and is made from safe materials:

  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Soft close technology for quiet closing of doors and drawers
  • Durable fittings and runners
  • Tested wood-based materials from sustainable forestry
  • Hard-wearing and pollutant-free surfaces
  • Certificates such as "The Blue Angel" or the GS test mark

Children's closet: space for clothes, toys and more

Well thought-out and practical inside and out

A children's closet offers plenty of storage space for clothes and other items. The wardrobes made of robust wooden materials such as beech or pine are available in various patterns and colors, from neutral white to natural wood tones. Individual shelves and additional clothes rails make it easier to store clothing such as pants and jackets. Drawers expand the storage options and provide space for additional textiles.

Choose the right wardrobe from a wide range of designs and functions, from classic hinged door wardrobes to modern sliding door wardrobes with high-gloss fronts and mirrors.

Space for all your clothes and more

Over time, your child's clothes will grow and require more storage space. A spacious children's closet not only offers space for clothes, but also for toys and other frequently used items in the children's room. Choose a wardrobe that meets your requirements, from hinged door wardrobes to space-saving sliding door wardrobes.

Buy children's closet online

Discover a large selection of furniture and home accessories online to beautify your home. Browse through our range from the comfort of your own home and order your child's new closet online. We deliver the furniture directly to your home and you have 30 days to return it after receipt. Have fun shopping in our online store!