Changing table - What makes the perfect model?

Safety - Design - Sustainability


Changing table - The selection

You and your baby spend a lot of time on and in front of the changing table every day. changing table. Choosing the right changing table is therefore crucial to creating a safe changing environment for you and your little one.

Here we show you how to avoid common problems such as

  • Baby falling off
  • Injuries caused by unexpected kicking
  • Back pain for parents
  • skin intolerances

& what else to consider when looking for the ideal changing table.

Changing table

Changing table set with support: Why quality is important

A high-quality changing table is usually the first piece of furniture purchased for the baby's room, as it is used right from birth.

The changing table set, consisting of changing table, changing top and changing mat, should above all be safe for you and your baby. It is therefore particularly important to choose a changing table and changing mat that are not only comfortable but also NON TOXIC, i.e. particularly kind to the skin. The latter is to ensure that your baby is protected from harmful substances in the changing mat or its foam core during changing.

It is also important to remember that a changing table that is only used during changing time is a waste of resources and money. A changing table is usually used between the ages of 2 and 3. It would be a shame to simply dispose of a piece of furniture after that.

Thanks to their modular design, modern changing tables can be transformed into shelves with a modern design after the changing period. This is sustainable and particularly practical.

What makes the perfect changing table

1. safety

The most important aspect of a good changing table is undoubtedly safety. A safe changing table has a stable construction and, above all, a changing top with high sides. The latter minimizes the risk of a fall in the event of an unforeseen bouncing movement.

You also need to think about yourself. Prevent back pain and make sure that the changing table is the right height for you and your partner. Good changing tables are height-adjustable.

2. skin compatibility

Skin compatibility plays a crucial role in protecting your baby from harmful substances and chemicals. The changing table itself should be made of FSC wood and comply with the DIN EN 71 standard, i.e. have no harmful vapors.

The changing mat comes into contact with your baby's delicate skin several times a day. The material should be NON TOXIC, i.e. free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates and PVC. Ideally, the material of the changing mat should come from medical use.

3. washable changing mat

The changing mat should be wipeable and washable. Of course, things can always spill when changing nappies. Cream or oil often gets on the changing mat, which is why it should be extra easy to clean.

4. design

A good design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The changing table should fit harmoniously into the existing room concept and at the same time have a long service life.

Modern and, above all, sustainable changing tables are modular and can be transformed into a shelf, for example, after the changing time. This means that the changing table can be used long after the baby has been changed:

can be used.

5. storage space

A changing table with sufficient storage space is essential for storing diapers, wet wipes, clothes and other changing utensils neatly and within easy reach. Well-designed changing tables offer compartments for baskets, diapers and care products. However, the most important changing utensils are usually placed directly on the changing surface.

Changing table - The right place in your home

Make sure you don't place the changing table right next to a draughty window. As your baby is building up and developing its immune system, you should protect it from draughts. Draughts can also easily lead to eye infections in babies.

Also make sure that there are no shelves or heat lamps hanging directly above the changing table. These can fall and injure your child.

Enjoy the time with your baby

Family life should be full of beautiful memories. As product designers, we create timeless design classics that are kind to people and nature. They are made to endure & shape times together with families - products made from natural materials that enrich family time.

Studio Belize® products are:

  • Sustainable made from FSC wood
  • Extra skin-friendly
  • Timeless in design & quality

- Bell Kink, Founder Studio Belize