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Climbing fun at home

  • Foldable
  • Skin-friendly
  • Durable & robust
Extra skin-friendly

Standardized according to DIN EN 71 - Without harmful substances or paints

The high-quality climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® is extra skin-friendly. Made from untreated and natural wood, it is safe to play with - without any harmful substances, chemical paints or varnishes. The climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® is safe fun to play with at home.

Durable & robust

Double-sided grub screw

Unlike many other manufacturers, the rungs of the RICKI RACKA climbing triangle® are screwed together with double-sided grub screws.

This prevents the rungs from bursting during assembly and from breaking out when used extensively.

As climbing triangles are subject to heavy wear and tear due to wild climbing play, this detail should be taken into account when purchasing.


Wooden climbing triangle made from FSC-certified wood

We care about the world - The RICKI RACKA climbing triangle is made from 100% FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The raw material is dried for an extra long time so that it loses its tension, and the wood is used to create a robust design object that shapes and survives time together with the family - MADE FOR GENERATIONS.

Play equipment according to Pikler

Folding climbing triangle

Foldable, safe and standardized in accordance with DIN EN 71, CE-marked, safe rung spacing,

child safety locks and available in FSC-certified wood. The climbing triangle with rounded edges and velvety soft surfaces. Sustainable, safe and practical!


Incl. 2x child safety locks - no unintentional folding

Whether first attempts at standing, wild climbing, obstacle courses, slides, cave building or as a crawling tunnel - the climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® offers endless play possibilities and transforms any room or garden into a wonderful adventure playground.

The climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® has 2 child safety locks that prevent it from folding up unintentionally during play - the perfect climbing triangle for indoors and outdoors!

Promotes motor skills & creativity.

Quick & easy

Buy climbing triangle online - At Studio Belize®

Buy climbing triangle conveniently online. Get the RICKI RACKA® climbing fun at home now and make your children's eyes light up! Order your climbing triangle now and have it delivered directly to your home - simple & uncomplicated.

Activity toy

According to Pikler / Hengstenberg & Montessori

"Help me to do it myself" - Based on the principles of Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori & Hengstenberg, the climbing triangle with slide promotes your child's development - for active & healthy children.

Slide board & chicken ladder

Indoor slide

The slide for the climbing triangle provides an extra portion of fun. The slide board can be used as a slide on one side and as a chicken ladder on the other. It is the perfect addition to the climbing triangle as an indoor climbing frame for babies.

Adventure playground - Indoor

Wall bars for babies

Discover the extra large climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® Pro (for an extra portion of fun for climbing kings & queens) and the climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® Compact (perfect for apartments in the city). Our climbing triangle sets are available with a slide board - the perfect baby wall bars for the home.


High-quality climbing triangle

The climbing triangle with slide is a classic activity toy based on the principles of Emmi Pikler. Babies and toddlers develop independently and playfully, at their own pace. With the help of the climbing triangle, children learn a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age, which is also noticeable in later phases of life.

Climbing triangle - FAQ

What is a climbing triangle according to Pikler?

The Pikler Art climbing triangle is a wooden climbing toy that promotes the development of motor skills and creativity in children and babies. Children aged between 8 months and 7 years can play freely and boost their self-confidence by experiencing success while climbing. The name Pikler Art climbing triangle is derived from the name of its inventor, the Hungarian pediatrician and educator Emmi Pikler.

Does a climbing triangle make sense?

The climbing triangle with slide, also known as the Pikler triangle with slide, offers challenging climbing fun for babies and toddlers aged between 8 months and 7 years . Toddlers train their motor skills and strengthen their self-confidence through success in climbing.

The latter is clearly noticeable and is wonderful to watch. Free play on the climbing triangle according to Montessori and Pikler trains children's independence in line with educational principles.

Stimulating the feet is very important. It helps to prevent flat feet in children and improve their posture for life . Climbing up the rungs of the climbing triangle stimulates the child's muscles and feet. In this way, the Pikler triangle prevents flat feet and promotes healthy posture.

Another advantage of the Pikler climbing triangle is the variety of play options and the associated long playing time. Whether climbing, crawling or sliding, children aged between 8 months and 7 years can play with the Pikler climbing triangle with slide. This climbing toy is not only an activity toy but also a creativity toy. In the latter case, the climbing triangle transforms into a horse, a cave, a pirate ship or a stable for cuddly toys. The climbing triangle with slide therefore promotes children's motor skills and creativity .

When does a climbing triangle start?

A climbing triangle is suitable for babies and children aged between 8 months and pre-school age.

Climbing triangle - What height?

A medium climbing triangle has a height of between 68-75 cm and is suitable from around 8-12 months. Large climbing triangles have a height of between 80-90 cm and are also recommended from 8-12 months, provided there is sufficient space available.