The perfect changing table: 8x tips for buying

From the experts at Studio Belize® -. Design Studio for Children's Products:

The arrival of a baby is always a reason for joy, but it also brings a lot of preparations. One of the most important purchases for the nursery is the changing table. But what should you look for when buying one? Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect changing table.

What should you look for when buying a changing table?


Table of Contents:

  1. Is a changing table really necessary?
  2. The right size and height of the changing table
  3. Flexibility and adaptability
  4. Storage space and organization
  5. Placement and location
  6. Value for money
  7. Quality and safety
  8. Conclusion

1. Is a changing table really necessary?

A changing table is basically one of the essential things you need for a baby. It not only provides a safe and comfortable place to change diapers, but also storage space for all the necessary utensils. Moreover, a changing table with a changing top can be used in the nursery long after the baby is changed, especially if it is a modular shelf with a changing top.

2. The right size and height of the changing table.

The changing surface should be at least 55 centimeters deep and 70 centimeters wide, ideally even 70 x 80 centimeters. All corners should be rounded and the raised side panels should be at least 10 centimeters high. Depending on your height, a height between 85 and 100 centimeters is recommended to avoid back pain while changing diapers.

3. Flexibility & adaptability

There are modular changing tables from independent design studios that are particularly practical. They are more individualized in design and can be ordered as open shelves or even with doors or drawers. The special thing is that when they are no longer needed as a changing table, they can be easily converted into wonderful Montessori shelves for children, designer shelves for children's rooms, living rooms or bathrooms, or even closets. Practical and above all a purchase for life.

The versatile attachments leave nothing to be desired. The Studio Belize changing unit is based on the wooden Studio Belize shelvingsystem of the same name by the Berlin design studio - Studio Belize®. In the style of the design classic String shelf it can be transformed into:

  • Montessori shelf
  • Children's room shelf
  • Children's closet
  • Bookshelf
  • Tonie shelf (Tonie box & figures)
  • Closet for adults
  • Sideboard
  • Shelf with & without drawers or doors
  • Flower shelf
  • Living room shelf
  • kitchen shelf

kitchen shelf. In the design of a floating shelf, it is available as a narrow shelf or wide shelf. The Studio Belize shelf and changing unit set is a wonderful alternative for young design-oriented families. Interested? Subscribe to the newsletter now and secure Early Bird Deals!

4. Storage space and organization

One benefit of a changing table: it provides storage space for baby's clothes, diapers, wet wipes and other essentials. Think about what items you want to have handy and how much space they take up.

5. Placement and location

Whether it's in the nursery, bedroom or bathroom, the changing area should be easily accessible and well-lit. If the baby sleeps in its own room at night, it is convenient to be able to change it right there. To avoid drafts, the changing table should not be placed directly by the window.

6. Price-Performance ratio

Changing chests are available in different price ranges, from around 70 € to 700 €. The price depends on the material, design and additional features. Think about which features are important to you and how much you want to invest.

7. Quality and safety

Make sure that the changing table is stable and safe. There should be no sharp edges or corners. The materials should be skin-friendly and without harmful substances. It is also practical if you can still use the changing table after you have stopped changing your baby.

8. Conclusion

Choosing the right changing table depends on many factors. However, with the right information and a clear idea of your needs, the decision becomes a breeze. It's worth investing in a high-quality and safe modular changing table that will provide comfort for your baby, make your everyday life easier, and that you can still use even after you've stopped changing your baby.

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