Crawling blanket

Is the crawling blanket the right surface to play on?

Crawling blanket

The choice of most new parents

Most new parents initially think of a crawling blanket when they think of a crawling mat. However, this often has many disadvantages that new parents are not aware of at first. Crawling blankets are difficult to clean and therefore unhygienic, they do not always provide the necessary padding and can be uncomfortable on hard floors. They also slip easily and do not provide the secure support that active babies need.

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Crawling blanket

Crawling blanket with play arch and other features

Some crawling blankets also come with a play arch, which promotes your baby's sensory learning and motor skills. These blankets are perfect for entertaining your baby and supporting their development at the same time.

Large crawling blanket: more space to explore

For extra play space, there is the large play blanket or even the XXL play blanket, which offers plenty of space for your baby and their toys. A thick playmat provides extra softness and comfort, ideal for hard floors or longer playtimes.

Crawling blanket in beige and other color options

While a crawling blanket in beige or neutral colors can easily be integrated into any living room decor, there are also specially designed blankets for boys and girls. The baby boy blanket can come in vibrant colors and patterns that will pique your child's interest.

Safety and care of the play blanket

Your baby's safety is a top priority. A good play mat should be made of non-toxic materials and be easy to clean to ensure a hygienic environment for your child. When buying, make sure that the blanket is machine washable for easy care.

Crawling mat

Crawling blanket - play mats as an alternative