Baby Changing

Baby Changing becomes a daily ritual with the arrival of your baby. Create a cozy place - practical and comfortable. For unforgettable moments between you and your baby.
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Changing table & shelving system in one

Changeable design for a lifetime

A changing table for design lovers with matching changing mat made of vegan leather. Minimalist, Scandinavian & practical. The MOKU changing table, made of FSC-certified natural wood, can be transformed into a Montessori shelf or a decorative living room shelf after changing(MOKU 800). For use after changing time - CHANGING TABLE & SHEET SYSTEM IN ONE - Design by Bell Kink.

Changing table

Changing table - The ideal place for your baby

A changing table is more than just a piece of furniture for changing diapers. The changing table is a place of love and care where you care for your baby every day. This is where a strong bond is formed between parents and baby

Compared to a changing unit, a changing table takes up less space and still offers enough storage space and room for a well-organized and cosy changing area. A radiant heater, a diaper bin and a changing mat for your baby can be conveniently placed here.

Changing table - the most important purchase criteria

Safety & load capacity

A changing table must be stable and safe. Make sure it has a sufficient load capacity, min. 20 kg. The changing table should not have any sharp edges and should have a changing top with high sides. This minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

Size & placement

The changing table should be the right size for the room and large enough to change your baby comfortably. The changing table should not be placed directly next to the window to avoid draughts and cold.

Material & quality

The changing table should be of high quality, durable and preferably grow with your baby. The materials of the changing table should not have any harmful vapors. Surfaces should be easy to clean. For a sustainable and long service life, a changing table that grows with the child can be converted into a shelf after the changing time.

Changing table - the advantages

Easy on the back

A changing table provides a comfortable and safe surface at the right height for changing your baby. The raised position of the changing table allows parents to change their baby without straining their backs and provides easy access to changing items. The height-adjustable changing table from Studio Belize can be adapted to the height of the parents, which prevents neck pain and enables safe and comfortable changing.

Storage space & room

In a changing table, you can store changing utensils such as diapers, wet wipes or clothes within easy reach. A changing table is tidy and easy to organize. So you have everything you need quickly to hand.


A changing table with the right changing mat enables clean and safe changing. The surfaces of the changing table can be easily wiped clean. This minimizes the risk of infection and skin irritation as much as possible.

Practical & convenient

A changing table saves time and is particularly convenient. The changing process can be carried out comfortably while standing. Diapers and accessories can be conveniently stored, making the changing process quicker and more pleasant.

Buy changing tables

Discover a large selection of changing tables and set up the perfect changing station for your baby. Take advantage of advice from trained specialist staff to find the ideal changing table for your needs and clarify all your questions.

Changing table - FAQ

Changing table - What should I bear in mind?

When buying a changing table , you should pay attention to quality on the one hand and to the fact that it can also be used after changing .

Another aspect is the safety of the baby. The changing table and changing top should be compatible. The wood should not give off any harmful vapors.

The changing unit should have high sides.

How do I set up the changing table correctly?

You've bought your changing table, but where should it be placed?

Changing table - The right place - Checklist:

  • Sufficient space around the changing table. This makes changing easier and makes you and your baby feel good.
  • For safety reasons, there should be no shelves or cupboards above the changing table - these could fall down
  • The right changing mat: It should not only be stylish, but also warm, protective and, above all, kind to the skin. This is important as your baby will be lying on the changing mat several times a day.
  • The temperature at your changing table should be between 22-24 degrees. It should not be draughty, so changing tables right next to a window are not necessarily recommended.
  • The changing table should be well lit so that changing at night is also comfortable.
Why choose the MOKU changing table?

Whether changing table, Montessori shelf, children's closet or designer shelf for books or records. The MOKU changing table can be extended and grows with the child.

Together with the matching changing unit and changing mat made of vegan leather , this changing table is a wonderful piece of furniture that allows you to change your baby without straining your back and enjoy unforgettable moments with your baby.

What height should a changing table be?

Back pain should be a thing of the past! That's why the changing table should be at the right height so that both parents can change nappies in a comfortable position.

For people with a height of 160 cm, the changing height should be around 85 cm. For people between 175 and 180 cm, the changing height should be around 95 cm.

Depending on your height and that of your partner, the changing surface of the MOKU changing table can be fitted at a height of 87 cm or 97 cm. Simply choose the height that suits you!

What equipment should be in the changing table?
  • Diapers
  • Baby clothes (bodysuits, rompers etc.)
  • Baby care such as creams, baby oil or baby powder
  • Wet wipes
  • Vitamins and medication
Changing table organizer: Which extensions are important?
  • Changing mat with high side wings
  • Diaper pail
  • Mobile, music box or toys
  • Radiant heater if necessary
How do I organize my changing table?

And this is how you organize your changing table:

  • Everything has its place. You should know where everything is. Changing utensils should be easily accessible.
  • It is often practical to store the most important changing utensils on the changing surface
  • The first compartment of the changing table should contain changing utensils that you don't need every time you change your baby, but still want to have to hand quickly, e.g. supplies.
  • Supplies include wet wipes, creams, nose drops, antipyretics and diapers.