Crawling mat

Crawling mat - Warm, soft protection for your baby: This crawling mat is the perfect play mat for your baby. The dense foam core offers protection and comfort on hard and cold floors. The crawling mat is easy to clean, wipe-clean, washable and particularly kind to the skin. Ideal for romping around, yoga and picnics.


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Babies & toddlers

Play mat - comfort & fall protection

Whether it's tummy time, the first attempts at standing or wild romping. The EverMat crawling mat protects against injuries and cold floors. The perfect play and seating surface for babies and the whole family.


Play mat - Extra skin-friendly

The vegan leather cover comes from medical use and is free from phthalates, PVC and harmful plasticizers. The non-toxic EVERMAT crawling mat is particularly kind to the skin and is available in stylish colors.

Stylish colors

Crawling mat for baby

The EVERMAT crawling mat makes for a stylish home with a child. It is available in the colors Camel Brown, Stone Grey, Choco Brown, Off White Old White and Navy Dark Blue. Whether in the nursery, living room or outdoor area, the crawling mat provides a stylish and safe play environment. Perfect for the beige nursery.


Indoor & outdoor play mat

Whether for tummy time, crawling, playing, sitting at a family picnic, as fall protection when romping around or for your yoga session on the beach. The EverMat crawling mat from Studio Belize® adapts to your needs.

Care instructions

Play mat Washable & wipeable

Small mishap - no problem! The cover of the crawling mat made of vegan leather is wipeable, washable and can simply be vacuumed or disinfected. No matter whether it's dirt, saliva, urine or leftover food.

Babies & toddlers

Crawling mat - Buy online

Buy easy and convenient crawling mats for babies online here in the Studio Belize online store. Crawling mat with vegan leather cover for babies and toddlers. The perfect play mat for romping around. Get your crawling mat delivered directly to your home now. Fast delivery, secure payment and personal advice. High-quality crawling mat from Studio Belize - Discover now!

Crawling mat - FAQ

How big crawling mat?

Crawling mats are available in different sizes:

  • Crawling mat 90x60cm is suitable as a carpet pad and extension piece
  • Crawling mat 120x120cm is suitable as a crawling mat for babies
  • Crawling mat 180x120cm is suitable as a crawling, play & family mat

To ensure that crawling mats provide good cushioning and are suitable as fall protection, they should be sufficiently thick. We recommend an extra dense foam core with a thickness of approx. 3.5 cm.

Why a crawling mat?

Crawling mats have an insulating effect and protect your baby and you from cold surfaces such as stone floors or tiles. Crawling mats also cushion and protect against injuries, for example when kicking or running around.

How long crawling mat?

How long do you use a crawling mat? The answer to this question is very individual and also depends on the particular model of crawling mat.

If the crawling mat is particularly cushioning and large enough, it can be used long after the baby has grown up.

The crawling mat has new uses, for example as a fall protection mat or yoga mat. They are also often used as a picnic or beach mat.

What is a crawling mat?

Crawling mats protect your baby and you from cold surfaces such as cold stone floors or tiles. They have a cushioning and insulating effect, which is why they can also be used as a fall protection or seat mat.

Care should always be taken to ensure that the crawling mat is thick enough. This is because only mats of sufficient thickness have a high damping and insulating capacity.

Is a crawling mat useful?

Crawling mats help both babies and parents. It is particularly practical to be able to place the crawling mat temporarily in different rooms and also to be able to put your baby down there easily and safely.

In addition, many crawling mats are also suitable as fall protection when babies are older.

The crawling mats from Studio Belize® are also perfect as fall protection mats for the climbing triangle due to their high cushioning capacity.

Why fleece under a crawling mat?

A fleece under a crawling mat provides additional anti-slip properties. Fas fleece prevents the crawling mat from slipping, which makes it safer to use. The anti-slip property protects against accidents and fall injuries.