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Easter greetings for 2024: list of Easter sayings

Beautiful Easter greetings are the perfect complement to gifts in kind or a bouquet of flowers. They can be sent as an Easter card or as a digital Easter message. After all, everyone is happy to receive a lovely greeting on their cell phone or in the mailbox.

Be inspired by our list of Easter greetings, sayings, poems and quotes. Have fun reading and celebrating your Easter!


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Easter greetings for 2024: the list of Easter sayings


  1. Guide: Tips for writing Easter greetings
  2. Easter greetings - short & stylish: for WhatsApp & greeting cards
  3. Easter wishes - Cheerful & funny
  4. Easter greetings for business partners - Formal
  5. Easter wishes to think about - For friends & family
  6. Easter wishes in the languages of the world - International

1st guide: Tips for writing Easter greetings

With thoughtful and personalized Easter greetings, you demonstrate appreciation and style to the recipient. A personalized greeting is essential.

Choose an Easter saying or poem that suits the recipient. If you are unsure, use a traditional greeting and add personal elements.
Avoid common phrases, as these often come across as unimaginative. Distinguish yourself with a unique text and stand out from the usual Easter messages!


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2. easter greetings - short & stylish: For WhatsApp & greeting cards

Brevity is the spice of life, they say, don't they? These four Easter messages are short and snappy and fit in anywhere, be it in a quick text message or a WhatsApp message.

  1. Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy looking for the eggs!
  2. Happy Easter and lots of colorful eggs!
  3. We wish you a relaxing and spring-like Easter holiday!
  4. Happy and sunny Easter days!
  5. Wonderful Easter holidays and lots of relaxation!
  6. Successful egg hunt!
  7. Happy and sunny Easter for you and your loved ones!
  8. Happy Easter and some sunny spring days!
  9. A happy and blessed Easter for you, with lots of colorful eggs from the Easter bunny! Have a relaxing holiday!
  10. Enjoy the start of spring and let the Easter Bunny give you lots of presents.
  11. We wish you happy Easter holidays and a wonderful springtime!
  12. A colorful Easter full of beautiful surprises!
  13. Easter is coming! An excellent time for you!
  14. Can you hear it? Spring is knocking! Wishing you a particularly sunny Easter.
  15. Bunny alert! A cozy Easter time is coming up - have fun.
  16. Without stress, I wish you a wonderful Easter!


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3. wishes for Easter - cheerful & funny

Easter is a celebration full of cheerfulness - so humorous greetings and wishes are definitely part of it. These funny lines are particularly suitable for people with whom you have a close and personal relationship. After all, it's important that your humor is taken the right way.

Our favorite cheerful Easter greetings:
Listen carefully: Easter has arrived! Time for fun and egg hunts. Enjoy this wonderful time!

Easter may not be May, but at least it's three days off! I hope you enjoy them, and I would like to end with this greeting.

With children, it's like Easter every day: you're always on the lookout for something. Happy Easter!


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4. easter greetings for business partners - formal

Friendly Easter greetings are not only suitable for friends and family, but also for business partners, employees or colleagues.

It is important to remain professional so as not to make a misstep! If you're unsure how to start, one of our favorite quotes can serve as the perfect introduction to your Easter message.

Our favorites for business Easter wishes:

  1. With spring, new life awakens in all of us. In this mood, I look forward to continuing our successful cooperation. For Easter, I wish you a relaxing holiday and a busy Easter bunny!
  2. Away with the winter grey - it's getting colorful again! I wish you a fantastic start to spring and a happy Easter.
  3. Spring has arrived! As nature awakens to new life, so do our energies. Easter is therefore the perfect time to wish you a successful year. I hope that our business relationship continues to develop positively.
  4. Find more spring sayings in our related articles!


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5th Easter wishes to think about - For friends & family

In your Easter messages for friends and family, it is appropriate to talk about "we" and "us" as a family and address the recipients as "you" and "yourselves". For those close to you, you can also be more personal or a little cheekier in the lines. Easter greetings that bring joy and a smile to the lips are simply wonderful.

Easter wishes for our loved ones:

  1. For Easter, I hope that you find peace and relaxation in the awakening nature. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine!
  2. We wish you a peaceful Easter and lots of fun hunting for eggs! Let the spring sun warm you and make the most of the days off.
  3. Sunshine, being outdoors, spring breezes, the scent of flowers, Easter joys. Have a relaxed Easter!
  4. Happy Easter to you: nice music, feet up, truffle eggs at the ready and enjoy the days off.
  5. Every bunny needs some bunny to love: Loving Easter greetings to you!


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6. easter wishes in the languages of the world - International

Easter is celebrated as a Christian festival in many countries. But how do you say "Happy Easter" in different languages?

International Easter greetings:

  1. Feseh Magied(Arabic)
  2. Pask Seder ( Breton)
  3. Fuhkwuhtjit faailohk Chinese (Cantonese)
  4. Fùhuójié kuàilè Chinese (Mandarin)
  5. Veselé Velikonoce ( Czech)
  6. God påske ( Danish)
  7. Vrolijk Pasen, Zalige paasdagen, Zalig Pasen ( Dutch)
  8. Happy Easter (English )
  9. Joyeuses Pâques (French)
  10. Kaló Páskha (Greek)
  11. Chag pascha same'ach (Hebrew)
  12. Selamat Paskah ( Indonesian)
  13. Buona Pasqua ( Italian)
  14. 嬉しいイースター (Japanese)
  15. Haengpoghan puhwarcheori toesikir (Korean)
  16. Prospera Pasha sit (Latin)
  17. Wesol`ych S`wia`t ( Polish)
  18. Boa Páscoa, Páscoa Feliz, Feliz Páscoa (Portuguese )
  19. Milostiplné prežitie Ve?kono?ných sviatkov ( Slovakian)
  20. ¡Felices Pascuas! (Spanish)
  21. Heri kwa sikukuu ya Pasaka (Swahili)
  22. Glad Påsk ( Swedish)
  23. Hayirli paskalya ( Turkish)
  24. Z Velykodnimy sviatamy ( Ukrainian)


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