Furnish changing table: 8x tips for the equipment

From the experts at Studio Belize® -. Design studio for children's products:

The changing table is a central place for the care of your baby. A well-organized changing table can make everyday life much easier. In this article you will learn which equipment is indispensable and how you can organize the changing table optimally to create a comfortable and functional changing station. Have fun reading!

How do I organize my changing table?


Table of contents

  1. The basic equipment: what on the changing table?
  2. Modularity: The advantage of convertible changing tables
  3. The right changing mat
  4. Keeping things tidy with a changing table organizer
  5. Choose safe & comfortable changing tops
  6. Light and warmth: heat lamp and good lighting
  7. Practical storage solutions
  8. Ready for diaper changes: diaper pail and change of clothes
  9. Conclusion

1. The basic equipment: what's on the changing table?

The basis for a well-organized changing table are the following items:

  • Diapers
  • Water in a thermos and bowl (or wet wipes)
  • Various baby ointments (for sore bottoms- top tip -> Mirfulan)
  • Baby oil
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby cotton pads/disposable washcloths/washcloths/paper towels/wet wipes, whatever you prefer.
  • Cotton pads for navel care
  • Trash can (ideally with lid)
  • clinical thermometer for babies

2. Modularity: the advantage of convertible changing tables

A particular highlight among changing tables is the Studio Belize shelving system from Studio Belize. This modular changing table is a stylish alternative from Berlin-based design studio Studio Belize. It offers space and impresses with its natural design. Depending on the material variant, the design goes in the direction of Scandinavian or Japandi. But the absolute highlight is that the changing table Studio Belize after after use as a changing table, thanks to modularity, can be converted into many different shelves. Thus, a changing table becomes a shelf system for life. For example, the changing table Studio Belize can be converted into a Montessori shelf , a closet for children or a bookshelf. With this piece of furniture, the team led by designer Bell Kink has found a durable, sustainable and with growing solution for the whole family. A shelf in the style of the design classic"String shelf" that grows with the needs of the family.

3. The right changing mat

The most important thing about the changing pad is the skin-friendliness of the cover, the comfort of lying on it and the warming insulating ability of the pad. An excellent example is Studio Belize's changing pad with a vegan leather cover in beautiful stylish colors like Cognac, Cappuccino, Stone, Marine Blue and White. The vegan leather comes from medical use and is phthalate-free, making it toxin-free and non-toxic. The cotton encased high-density foam core provides cushioning, protects against injury during movement, insulates, warms and provides true reclining comfort for your baby. The changing pad is naturally wipeable and washable. This is where design meets functionality to create a changing mat, all according to the needs of responsible parents.

4. Keep order with a changing table organizer

A changing table organizer helps you keep all the necessary utensils handy and organized. Diapers, wet wipes, personal care products and medications can be neatly stored here.

5. Choose safe & comfortable changing tops

A comfortable changing top not only provides a comfortable height for the changing parent (protects against back pain!), but also provides additional storage space for diapers, care products and a change of clothes. The changing table should always have high sides (side wings), so that the baby can not fall off the changing table, if it ever rolls to the side unexpectedly. In addition, this is practical because the changing things do not fall off the changing table so easily.

6. Light / heat: heat lamp and good lighting

The right temperature and lighting at the changing table are crucial for your baby's well-being. A heat lamp at the changing table and good lighting make changing more comfortable.

7. Practical storage solutions

Use storage boxes, organizer bins and shelf inserts to create more storage space and keep everything you need within reach.

8. Ready for diaper changes: diaper pail and change of clothes.

A diaper pail and a selection of changing clothes make diaper changes much easier.

8. Conclusion

Proper equipment and organization of the changing table is crucial for stress-free care of your baby. With the tips presented here and involving your partner in the organization process, you can create a safe, comfortable and functional changing environment. This way, the changing table will become a supportive station in your daily life with your new family member.

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