5x reasons: Why a climbing triangle makes sense

Climbing triangles are becoming increasingly popular with parents. But why are climbing triangles so useful? Here are the five main reasons.


  1. Improvement of motor skills
  2. Long playing time
  3. Prevention of developmental deficits
  4. Promotes creativity
  5. Variety of play options


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5x reasons: Why a pikler triangle makes sense

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for baby products:

Climbing triangles are becoming increasingly popular with parents. But why are climbing triangles so useful? These are the five main reasons.

Here's why a pikler triangle makes sense:


  1. Improving motor skills: A pikler climbing triangle gives children the opportunity to strengthen their motor skills. While climbing, reaching, sliding and balancing, they improve their dexterity, coordination and balance. In addition, the climbing triangle helps children develop their social skills.
  1. Long playing time: The pikler triangle, also called Pikler triangle, is a real all-rounder. It is suitable for children aged 0 to 7 years and therefore provides a meaningful occupation over a long period of time.
  1. Prevention of developmental deficits: The pikler triangle can be used to address potential developmental deficits through play. It helps children develop their skills in a way that is fun while promoting valuable skills. Especially valuable for premature babies.
  1. Promotes creativity: free play on the pikler triangle stimulates the child's brain development. The child is encouraged to be creative and make independent decisions. This strengthens his intellectual, emotional and social development as well as his autonomy.
  1. Variety of play opportunities:
  • Motor skills training through climbing
  • Crawling games - caves and tunnels: With a few blankets or scarves, the climbing triangle transforms into a cozy retreat or an exciting crawling tunnel
  • Slide fun: An additional slide board transforms the climbing triangle into an adventure slide in no time at all
  • Chicken ladder: Especially popular with smaller children, the chicken ladder offers a great climbing experience for the very little ones
  • Exciting obstacle course: With creative arrangement and additional elements, an adventurous course can be designed
  • Role play: For older children, the climbing triangle becomes a pirate ship, a stable for cuddly toys or a horse



Pikler triangle with slide



A climbing triangle pikler style allows children to train their motor skills and balance, while encouraging their creativity and social skills.

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