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Changing unit: guide to the perfect purchase

Buying a changing unit - tips & advice

When it comes to buying a changing unit, there are a few important points to consider in order to make the right choice. After all, the changing unit will be used intensively in the first few years. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

Tip 1: The quality of the changing unit is paramount

The drawers of a changing unit are used every day, so choose a high-quality unit with robust drawers, ideally with soft-close rails. An inferior chest of drawers can quickly cause problems.

Tip 2: Changing units with flexibility - with removable changing top

A removable changing unit quickly transforms your chest of drawers into a changing table. This gives you a safe place to change nappies and additional storage space for items such as wet wipes and cream. You can easily convert the chest of drawers back again later.

Tip 3: Changing unit with a sustainable & timeless design

Choose a changing unit with a timeless design so that it can be used for a long time after the baby is born. Models with a Scandinavian design are ideal for this.

Tip 4: Adapt the changing unit to your needs

Most changing tables stand on legs so that you can put your feet underneath and don't have to lean far forward. The height should be at least 85 cm, ideally even 90 cm. Note that the changing mat adds extra centimetres. The drawers should be easily accessible and have a soft-close system. The changing unit should offer sufficient storage space and the changing table top should be at least 50 x 75 cm. If space is limited, you can opt for a more compact changing table and use a wall shelf for additional storage space. However, make sure that nothing is mounted directly above your baby's head.

Tip 5: Changing unit - safety first

Make sure that the changing unit is safe and stable. Avoid sharp corners and edges to prevent accidents. Check that there are no protruding or sharp parts such as screws. The changing table must be sturdily assembled so that there is no risk of it tipping over. Doors and drawers should close securely without fingers getting trapped.

Changing unit - further tips

If you want to buy a cheap changing unit, it's worth looking for deals or considering second-hand options. A changing unit with storage provides extra space for diapers, clothes and other baby items. A space-saving changing unit is a practical solution for small rooms. Make sure your changing unit comes with a removable changing top or an integrated changing mat to maximize functionality.