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Shelving in white or solid wood

Shelves with character, in white or solid wood. The MOKU modular shelving system, made from FSC-certified wood, enhances rooms and gives them personality. Available in various configurations, expandable with all MOKU modules. MOKU is the design shelving system that adapts to your life. Whether sideboard, bookshelf, living room shelf, TV shelf, narrow shelf or closet with doors or drawers - THE ART OF LIVING - Design by Bell Kink.

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Living room shelving: style meets functionality

When designing your living room, stylish design meets practical functionality. A living room shelf not only provides storage space for things like books or crockery, but also showcases your favorite pieces in a decorative way. Especially for growing collections, from literature to media, a living room shelf is ideal for creating plenty of space.

Living room shelves: from wall shelves to free-standing shelves

Living room wall shelves make optimum use of the full wall space as they can be mounted at any height. Because they are positioned directly against the wall and have open sides, they appear less solid, which makes the room appear larger. Whether you want a modern shelving unit or a drywall living room shelving unit, the options are varied.

A free-standing living room shelf offers flexibility in terms of installation and conversion and creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room and dining room. Open sides of the shelves create a dynamic and airy effect, while closed sides protect the contents from dust. With optional doors and drawers, as with a living room shelving unit with doors, you will find space for all kinds of small items.

Living room shelving online inspiration

Buying shelving online offers many advantages. You can choose from a variety of styles, from an industrial shelf to a wooden shelf or a metal shelf. With options for every room, be it an office shelf, children's room shelf or bathroom shelf, you'll find exactly what you need. Take advantage of shelf offers and convenient shelf shipping directly to your home.

Buy a living room shelf:

If you want to order a shelf, there are various sizes and shapes to choose from. From a small shelf to a large shelf to a narrow shelf or a wide shelf - there is a solution for every requirement and every taste. Take the opportunity to find an inexpensive shelf or a high-quality shelf that will enhance your living space.

Decorative living room shelf: furnishing tips

Living room wall shel ves are ideal in smaller rooms, as they offer additional storage space without taking up too much room. Such shelves, equipped with matching decorations for shelves in the living room, quickly become a visual highlight. The current trend is for wooden living room shel ves with a vintage look or modern metal shelves in an industrial style. Whether you are looking for living room shelf ideas or simply need a functional piece, the right choice will add a decorative and useful element to your living room.