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A living style that perfectly combines the minimalist beauty of Japan and the practical warmth of Scandinavia.

All over the world, people are furnishing their rooms in the Japandi style. This unique living experience combines Scandinavian design with Japanese elegance. It harmonizes functionality, tranquillity and warmth. Japandi is characterized by naturalness, brightness and timelessness.

Here I'll show you why Japandi is so popular and give you a few tips on how you can implement the Japandi style in your home.

Have fun reading.

- Yours Bellfounder of Studio Belize

Japandi - What is it?

Japandi is an interior design style that is inspired by two worlds and combines Scandinavian coziness with Japanese minimalism. Natural, tactile materials, light, friendly colors and clean/clear design create a cozy, yet carefully considered ambience. Earthy colors such as brown tones dominate, combined with shades of white and cement grey.

All components of the furnishing arrangement have been carefully selected to create a style of living that encapsulates the essence of the Japanese and Scandinavian philosophy of life.

Why Japandi & Scandinavian go together perfectly

  • Functionality and simplicity are key aspects of both styles.
  • Subtle differences enrich the design fusion.
  • Scandinavian: Light color nuances and cooler tones.
  • Japandi: Warm, natural color palettes.
  • Hygge vs. Wabi-Sabi: Cosiness meets the beauty of imperfection.
  • Scandinavia: Light wood tones dominate.
  • Japandi: Preference for darker wood tones.

Japandi style: fusion of aesthetics & philosophy

  • Fusion of Japandi living room and Scandinavian minimalism.
  • Based on functionality, simplicity, naturalness and craftsmanship.
  • The result: a refined, timeless style that prioritizes quality over quantity
Furnishing tips

Japandi setup - step by step

Your guide to furnishing a Japandi-style living room

Create a harmonious space where Scandinavian functionality meets Japanese aesthetics. Learn how to create your Japandi interior in 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your color palette

Start with neutral colors such as white, beige and soft grey as well as earthy tones. These colors form the basis of the Japandi style and create a calming atmosphere.

Step 2: Maximize natural light

Make your room bright and inviting by removing heavy curtains. Light, sheer curtains let in plenty of light without compromising your privacy.

Step 3: Minimalist furniture

Your furniture should be simple, functional and high-quality. Opt for pieces with clean lines that reflect the simplicity and naturalness of the Japandi style.

Step 4: Integrate Japandi wooden shelves

A must for the Japandi style in the living room are minimalist wooden shelves. They not only provide practical storage space, but also serve as a stage for your carefully selected decorative items.

Step 5: Create coziness with textiles

Use soft, natural textiles such as woolen blankets, linen cushions and hand-woven rugs. They bring warmth to the room and match your neutral color palette perfectly.

Step 6: Minimize decorative elements

In Japandi style, less is more. Choose a few decorative items that have meaning for you. Your minimalist wooden shelves are the ideal place to display them.

Step 7: Add green accents

Living plants are essential for the Japandi style. They liven up the room and improve the indoor climate. Place them in natural pots or on your wooden shelvesto freshen up the room.

Follow these steps to create a living room that radiates calm and balance, in keeping with the Japandi style.

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