List: The most beautiful boy names 2023/22

These 250 attractive boy names were all the rage in 2023!

Oh baby! Maybe you're calling him your little prince, but for everyone else, you want your son to have a unique name after he's born. But finding a suitable boy's name for your baby can be a real challenge. You should start thinking about it during your pregnancy. That's why we've put together some great ideas, inspiration and practical tips for you. Here you can discover the most popular baby names for boys, a selection of particularly rare boy names and additional advice to help you find a name. We wish you lots of fun and success in your search!


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  1. Guide: How do I find the best name for my boy?
  2. Trend names for boys in 2023 (list)
  3. Unusual baby names for boys (list)
  4. Unusual baby names for boys (list)
  5. The 10 most popular boy names in 2022


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1. guide: How do I find the best name for my baby boy?

Well thought out is half the battle! There's a lot to consider when choosing the right baby boy's name. Here are our best tips to help you with this important decision.

  1. Takeyour time: Start your search early. Some names need time to settle in, while others may be discarded later.
  2. Lists to help you: Keep an overview by keeping one or more lists. Write down all ideas and adjust the list as necessary until only your favorites remain.
  3. Inspiration is everywhere: Keep your eyes and ears open. A book, a special encounter or a significant place can be the source of the perfect name.
  4. Meaning of the name: Research the origin and meaning of the name. It is important that the name and its meaning suit your son.
  5. Sound test: Say the name out loud. How does it feel? Is it easy to pronounce and do you like it even after hearing it several times?
  6. First name and surname in harmony: Test how the full name sounds. Aim for a flowing and harmonious combination.
  7. Consider nicknames: Think about possible nicknames or nicknames that result from the chosen name. Short names in particular can pose a challenge here.
  8. Sibling names: If available, the names of the siblings can be a criterion. They can be coordinated or deliberately chosen differently.
  9. Share your search: Involve family and friends. Their feedback can open up new perspectives and be inspiring.
  10. Decide on the spelling: After deciding on a name, the next step is to choose a spelling.


Info: Celebrities often choose imaginative and gender-neutral first names for their babies. Baby names that are suitable for both boys and girls are becoming increasingly popular. Is that something for you too?



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2. trend names for boys in 2023 (list)

This list includes popular boys' names that not only have a captivating sound, but also an interesting meaning:

  1. Andreas
  2. Antonio
  3. Aron
  4. Arthur
  5. August
  6. Axel
  7. Benedict
  8. Björn
  9. Caleb
  10. Caspar
  11. Cedric
  12. Christopher
  13. Clemens
  14. Constantine
  15. Curt
  16. Damien
  17. Dario
  18. Dennis
  19. Dominic
  20. Dylan
  21. Elias
  22. Emanuel
  23. Emirhan
  24. Enrico
  25. Erik
  26. Fabrice
  27. Finnian
  28. Florian
  29. Francis
  30. Frederick
  31. Gabriel
  32. Gregor
  33. Hannes
  34. Hendrik
  35. Henning
  36. Hermann
  37. Ian
  38. Ilias
  39. Ivan
  40. Janos
  41. Jasper
  42. Jerome
  43. Joachim
  44. John
  45. Jon
  46. Jonathan
  47. Jost
  48. Julien
  49. Kai
  50. Karim
  51. Kaspar
  52. Kilian
  53. Klaus
  54. Constantine
  55. Lars
  56. Lasse
  57. Laurent
  58. Leander
  59. Lennart
  60. Leonhard
  61. Linus
  62. Lorik
  63. Ludwig
  64. Luke
  65. Magnus
  66. Manuel
  67. Marcel
  68. Marius
  69. Mark
  70. Marlon
  71. Martin
  72. Mathias
  73. Matthias
  74. Maurice
  75. Maximilian
  76. Mehmet
  77. Mikael
  78. Milan
  79. Moritz
  80. Nathan
  81. Nikolai
  82. Nino
  83. Noel
  84. Olaf
  85. Oliver
  86. Oscar
  87. Patrick
  88. Peter
  89. Philip
  90. Pierre
  91. Rafael
  92. Rasmus
  93. Rico
  94. Robert
  95. Samuel
  96. Sascha
  97. Sebastian
  98. Silvan
  99. Simon
  100. Stefan
  101. Sven
  102. Theodor
  103. Thomas
  104. Tim
  105. Timo
  106. Titus
  107. Tobias
  108. Tom
  109. Valentin
  110. Victor
  111. Vincent
  112. William
  113. Yannick
  114. Yasin


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3. unusual baby names for boys (list)

If you're expecting a boy with a unique personality, you might want to give him an equally unique name. Here we have put together a selection of particularly rare baby names for boys. Perhaps one of them will find its way onto your personal list:

  1. Alaric
  2. Anselm
  3. Arvid
  4. Asger
  5. Baldur
  6. Bastien
  7. Bjarne
  8. Blaise
  9. Callum
  10. Caspian
  11. Cedric
  12. Corvin
  13. Cyril
  14. Darius
  15. Darnell
  16. Elmar
  17. Eneas
  18. Eron
  19. Fabrizio
  20. Falk
  21. Felician
  22. Flavio
  23. Gideon
  24. Gunnar
  25. Henrik
  26. Ivor
  27. Jaro
  28. Jaromir
  29. Jorik
  30. Justus


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4. unusual baby names for boys (list)

31st Kajetan

32nd Keanu

33 Kilian

34 Lennart

35th Levin

36 Lorin

37th Lucius

38 Mailo

39th Marius

40 Mattias

41 Maxence

42 Nevio

43 Nikodem

44th Oskar

45 Quinten

46 Raoul

47 Ruben

48th Sander

49th Sören

50th Taron

51 Thilo

52nd Tilo

53 Ulrik

54th Valerian

55th Vico

56th Wilhelm

57th Yann

58th Yven

59th Zephyr


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5. the 10 most popular boys' names in 2022

According to name researchers, these were the ten most popular first names for boys in 2022:

  1. Noah
  2. Matteo
  3. Elias
  4. Finn
  5. Leon
  6. Theo
  7. Paul
  8. Emil
  9. Henry
  10. Ben

We hope that we have been able to inspire you with our selection of baby boy names and that you will soon find the perfect name for your little treasure.


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