Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication


"With the objects we surround ourselves with at home, we live our values to our children. We want our children to learn sustainability and respect for quality, beauty and our planet. "

Bell Kink
- Founder Studio Belize® -


Timeless, Sustainable & Sophisticated

With our designs we create items for families. Made to create and endure times together with children, parents & grandparents. Durable & natural materials, preferably renewable, as well as shapes that fit harmoniously into our lifestyles are the focus of our creative work.

All Studio Belize® products are:

  • Self-developed
  • Design by Studio Belize® Berlin
  • Durable, robust & grows with you - For maximum useful life & circular reuse where possible.
  • Optimized with regard to sustainable materials
  • Designed with the highest level of safety & compatibility in mind
  • Tested & improved in the circle of your own family and closest friends

We manufacture quality for generations