The perfect Tonie shelf: design meets function

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Looking for the perfect home for your child's Tonies collection? You've come to the right place. Learn what makes a good Tonies shelf, what to look for, and why modular shel ves are particularly well-suited as Tonies shelves. Dive into the world of Tonies shelves.


  1. What makes a perfect Tonies shelf?
  2. The Koru shelf from Studio Belize: the highlight among Tonie shelves
  3. The variety of Tonies: From the sandman to the squirrel
  4. Climbing triangle: The moving alternative to Tonies
  5. Bargain hunters watch out: Tonies on offer
  6. Conclusion


1. What makes a perfect Tones shelf?

  • Accessibility for children: they should be able to reach their favorite Tonies easily.
  • Stability: safety comes first. The Tonies shelf should stand firmly and not tip over. For the Tonies figures - with magnetic strips.
  • Design: A design that fits harmoniously into the children's room.
  • Expandability: Since the collection will grow, an expandable Tonies shelf is advantageous.

2. the Koru shelf from Studio Belize: The highlight among the Tonie shelves.

In terms of sustainability, design and functionality, one Tonies shelf stands out in particular: the Koru shelf from Studio Belize. Studio Belize, a Berlin-based design studio, is dedicated to designing sustainable children's products. Their Tonies Shelf provides ample space for the growing collection of Tonies figurines and scores high marks for modularity. As children grow up and perhaps use fewer Tonies, the Tonies Shelf can be transformed into a closet, bookshelf or other piece of furniture. A true design classic that grows with you - A shelving system for design lovers.

3. the variety of Tonies: from the sandman to the squirrel.

Tonies impress with their wide selection. From classics like the Tonies Sandman to new Ton ies like the Tonies Squirrel. Whether it's fairy tales, Disney Tonies or learning stories, there's a Tonie to suit every taste. And thanks to Tonies audio samples , you can get an impression in advance.

4. climbing triangle: the moving alternative to Tonies

In addition to Tonies, which stimulate imagination and hearing, physical activity is essential for children. The Climbing Triangle encourages this movement and combines play with educational value. A wonderful toy that promotes motor skills and creativity in children.

5. bargain hunters watch out: Tonies on sale

Anyone who wants to expand their collection should keep an eye out for a Tonies Sale . Here new Tonies 2023 or other figures can be found at advantageous prices.

6. conclusion

In conclusion: a well thought-out Tonies shelf not only creates order, it also presents the Tonies figures in style and enhances the room. The Koru shelf from Studio Belize meets all these requirements and also impresses with its sustainability. An absolute must-have for all Tonie enthusiasts!

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