6x furnishing ideas

Baby room for girls

Designing a baby room for a girl is a source of great joy for many parents. There are countless design options. Baby rooms for girls are designed in a wide range of colors, from soft pink to classic beige tones. A harmonious interplay of baby furniture, decorations, accessories, textiles and toys is a priority for many parents. This creates a feel-good atmosphere for both baby and parents, which is particularly important in the first years of a baby's life.

Here you will find valuable furnishing tips and ideas for a girl's baby room. Compiled by our experts for baby rooms that create a feeling of well-being and security.


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Baby room for girls: 6x furnishing ideas


  1. Must-haves in the baby room for girls
  2. Changing unit for the daily ritual
  3. Play area with crawling mat
  4. Wall design of the girls' baby room
  5. Wooden & Montessori toys for babies
  6. Baby room for girls: Children's closet

1st tip: must-haves in the baby room for girls

Even if the baby girl's room is not particularly large, some essentials should always be present, regardless of whether it is a baby room for girls or boys

The baby crib determines the style of the baby room

Your little girl will spend a lot of time here. Especially in the first years of life, your baby will sleep here not only at night but also during the day. Depending on your desired style, the crib should determine the style of the baby's room. Opt for a classic baby crib, a playful or a minimalist bed model.


Info: A baby crib that grows with your child is suitable for children aged 0-4 years.


The baby crib that grows with your child

To be comfortable and safe, your crib should have two height-adjustable mattress positions. The high position turns the mattress for a newborn into a shelf that parents can use to protect their backs.

If the baby is mobile, the low mattress position should be chosen. It guarantees that your baby sleeps safely and cannot fall out of bed.

Without a side panel, your child between the ages of two and five can get in and out of bed independently. It can also be used as a "children's sofa" or daybed.


EverMat crawling mat
Extra skin-friendly - vegan leather

2nd tip Changing unit for the daily ritual

A changing unit with an attachment or a changing table with a changing mat is also essential. The changing unit should have the following functions to create a safe, back-friendly and comfortable changing experience for parents and baby.


Changing unit MOKU
Height-adjustable & modular
  • Changing unit with high side wings
  • Height-adjustable changing surface
  • Plenty of space for changing utensils such as wet wipes, diapers, creams or toys to keep baby occupied in a meaningful way
  • Easy to reach - changing utensils should be within easy reach
  • A cushioning, comfortable & skin-friendly changing mat

Of course, the design of the changing unit and changing mat should be coordinated with the rest of the baby room furnishings. Nevertheless, we recommend prioritizing the functionality of the changing unit set. As you will be changing your little girl several times a day, the right height, enough storage space and a large changing surface are essential for safe, comfortable and back-friendly changing.


Tip: A changing unit that grows with your baby can be converted into a shelf after changing time.


3rd tip: Play area with crawling mat

Tummy time in the girls' room: We recommend a high-quality crawling mat for the play area. You will spend a lot of time on the floor with your baby. Whether sitting, kneeling or sitting cross-legged, tummy time, crawling and most baby games take place on the floor.


EverMat crawling mat
Extra skin-friendly - vegan leather

Crawling mats with particularly dense foam cores protect babies from cold surfaces such as stone floors, tiles or even unheated parquet. They insulate from underneath, protect babies from unintentional injuries when kicking and provide fall protection for their first and still uncertain attempts at walking and standing. Crawling mats can not only be used in girls' nurseries, they can be used in any room in your home to keep your baby safe and comfortable.


Important: The best crawling mat is particularly kind to the skin, i.e. NON TOXIC! No harmful substances, no PVC and no phthalates!


4th tip: Wall design for the baby girl's room

Soft pastel shades and soft textiles

White baby rooms often look cool. Soft and muted colors are therefore popular for girls' baby room wall designs.

With pastel shades such as rosé, yellow, beige or even light blue, you can create a wonderful play world that stimulates your child's imagination and creativity.

5th tip: Wooden & Montessori toys for babies

Activity & Montessori toys are something for all parents who value meaningful activities for their babies.

Climbing triangle RICKI RACKA ®
Promotes motor skills & creativity

Movement plays a special role for babies. Experts say that movement is to babies what reading books is to adults. Movement stimulates the brain and promotes motivation and creativity in babies.

Activity toys such as the Emmi Pikler climbing triangle support the age-appropriate development of babies and toddlers. Babies can train their motor skills and muscles at an early age. In keeping with the idea of free play, babies and toddlers use the climbing triangle as a climbing toy, crawling tunnel or cave. With every rung climbed, the child's self-confidence is strengthened, which literally makes your child's eyes light up.


Tip: Motor activity toys such as the Pikler triangle with slide should be made of untreated wood - skin-friendly and free from harmful substances.


6th tip: Baby room for girls: Children's wardrobe

A Montessori open children's closet provides valuable educational storage space. It offers plenty of space for baby clothes such as bodysuits, baby socks, baby jackets, baby pants and baby shoes. Once the baby has become a toddler at one and a half to two years old, this children's closet promotes your child's independence according to the principles of Maria Montessori.


Children's closet MOKU
With height-adjustable clothes rail

Children learn independence at an early age by removing and returning their clothes independently.

With an open children's closet, you have enough storage space and shelves to keep your little girl's room tidy and beautiful.


Tip: Children's closets should be open and easy for children to reach - preferably with height-adjustable clothes rails.