Is a Pikler Triangle worth it?

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for children's products:

Is a pikler triangle with slide useful for your child?

With the help of this checklist you can find out if a pikler triangle is worth to be purchased.



Pikler triangle with slide


Checklist - Pikler triangle with slide

  • Suitable for children between the age of 8 months and 7 years old.
  • Offers babies and toddlers the opportunity to develop their coordination, strength, creativity & self-confidence at home
  • Climbing on the pikler triangle with slide is especially fun for babies & toddlers and is educationally valuable
  • Children can occupy themselves with this climbing device independently and meaningfully in an educationally valuable way
  • Babies & toddlers use climbing frames according to Pikler for standing up, for the first attempts at standing, as a climbing toy, for sliding and as a crawling tunnel
  • The climbing triangle with slide is a classic wooden toy and is perfect for siblings of different ages
  • The climbing triangle set with slide should be made of untreated wood
  • The climbing triangle Pikler type can be foldable and therefore suitable for the city apartments and for the house in the countryside
  • Indoor climbing frames and Pikler triangles treated with chemical paints should be avoided. These may contain harmful substances

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