Pikler triangle - The revolution in the nursery

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The Pikler Triangle with Slide: climbing fun & encouragement for our kids. Discover why this toy is so great and what to look for when buying. Info & details on choosing the right materials, age recommendations and the benefits. Dive in to understand how the Pikler Triangle can nurture your children.


Pikler triangle with slide



1. What is a pikler triangle?

2. What material should Pikler triangles be made of?

3. Why is the Pikler triangle useful?

4. Pikler triangle - from what age?

5) Are foldable Pikler triangles recommended?

6. When do children climb over a pikler triangle?

7. Why Pikler triangle?

8. How high should a pikler triangle be?

9. Which is better Pikler triangle or Pikler arch?

What should I know about the climbing triangle?


1. What is a pikler triangle?

The Pikler Triangle is a triangular, wooden climbing toy with rungs that promotes motor skills, creativity and self-confidence in children between the ages of 8 months and 7 years. It promotes creative and free play according to the Pikler pedagogy approach. The name of this wooden gymnastic equipment is based on the surname of the inventor, the Hungarian pediatrician and educator, Emmi Pikler.

2) What material should Pikler triangles be made of?

Pikler triangles should be made of untreated wood. Pikler tri angles made of pine wood or plastic should be avoided. These can splinter more easily or contain harmful substances. Pine wood is not very sturdy and therefore should not be used as a material for Pikler triangles unsuitable.

3.Why is the Pikler Triangle useful?

Playing with the Pikler Triangle promotes the age-appropriate development of balance, motor skills and creativity in young children. Moments of success on the Pikler Triangle, such as standing up on their own or crossing, additionally strengthen the child's self-confidence.

What is special about the Pikler Tri angle is that toddlers can usually play without any help from their parents and thus develop themselves independently through play.

4 Pikler Triangle - From what age?

There is no exact age recommendation for the Pikler Tri angle. Most children play with the Pikler Triangle between the ages of 8 months and 7 years. Pikler Triangle. If your child is already able to crawl on elevations of 10 cm, he or she could be ready for a Pikler Triangle.


5) Are foldable Pikler triangles recommended?

Foldable Pikler triangles have two main advantages. They can be stored at home to save space and can be transported more easily. Since you can use the folded Pikler Triangle even take it with you on vacation to give your children a treat. This is of course very practical and highly recommended. However, care should be taken to ensure that the climbing triangle has a folding safety device ("child safety lock") to prevent it from folding up unintentionally during play.


RICKI RACKA® - The Pikler triangle for folding

by Studio Belize®

6. When do children climb over a Pikler Triangle?

There is no exact age limit as to when children are able to climb the Pikler Triangle to cross the Pikler Triangle. This is individual for each child and therefore cannot be said in general terms.

Children play with the Pikler Triangle between the age of 8 months and about 7 years. Pikler Triangle. They usually start by pulling themselves up until they are completely upright and finally climb up. Once children have climbed over the Pikler Tri angle for the first time, however, play does not stop.

Children are always inventing new ideas for play and ways to use it. The older children get, the more the Pikler Triangle changes from a pure climbing toy to a fantasy toy. In addition to climbing, it is also used as a crawling tunnel, in combination with a blanket as a tent or even as a horse stable for cuddly animals.

7. why Pikler triangle?

Playing with the Pikler Triangle is incredibly fun for children and ensures age-appropriate development of their sense of balance, motor skills and creativity. In addition, moments of success on the climbing triangle strengthen the child's self-confidence.

Buy parents a Pikler Triangle around the 1st birthday, the child receiving the gift can play with it for about 6 years. In addition, children mainly play with it independently, which allows parents to have some time for themselves.

8) How high should a Pikler Triangle be?

The height is a crucial factor. Pikler triangles with a height between 70-90 cm are ideal. If it is of high quality and sturdy, children up to the age of 7 can play with a Pikler triangle of this height.

However, if you buy a small Pikler triangle (about 60 cm) be prepared to buy twice. These provide challenge and fun for a shorter period of time, approximately up to 3 years of age.

9. which is better Pikler Triangle or Pikler Arch?

There is no better or worse here. A Pikler Arch differs in that it is crossed by children in the prone position, whereas the Pikler Triangle is crossed in an upright position, with a step-over. In a Pikler arch it is easier for children to change direction. Because of the greater effort and body tension required, Pikler bows are not suitable for babies and young toddlers. In this case, a Pikler triangle is recommended.

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