Pikler Triangle : What height should it be?

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design Studio for Children's Products:

When choosing the height of the Pikler Triangle, there is one main question. How long should your child be able to play with the climbing triangle and slide? Accordingly, the height of the Pikler triangle should be selected.

What height should the Pikler Triangle be?


Pikler triangle with slide


Pikler triangles are offered with heights between 50 cm & 120 cm. However, the small pikler triangle sets are only suitable for families who have room for two pikler triangles, as these are only suitable for children of a very young age. The very large pikler triangles, on the other hand, are more suitable for sports clubs as gymnastics equipment, as they require a great deal of space and can only be used safely in combination with very thick sports mats as fall protection.

So the golden way lies in the middle. We recommend a height between 70 - 90 cm. Children can play extensively with a Pikler triangle of this height between the ages of 8 months and 7 years. This corresponds to a playing time of about 6-7 years. A Pikler Triangle of this height offers sufficient incentive as a climbing device for babies or toddlers as well as for fantasy games for older children. The climbing triangle with slide is thus characterized by a particularly long playing time and turns every child's room into an indoor adventure playground.


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