11x Characteristics of a Good Pikler Triangle

From the experts at Studio Belize® -. Design studio for Baby products:



Pikler triangle with slide


Characteristics of a good Pikler triangle:

  1. Pikler triangles should be made of natural materials. Preferably made of untreated wood (birch or beech). This wood is sturdy and guaranteed without harmful substances
  2. Can be extended with accessories such as a slide, chicken ladder or climbing wall
  3. Pikler triangles should not be treated with chemical paints. These can contain sheep substances
  4. The Pikler triangle should be foldable so that it can be stored in the home in a space-saving way
  5. Foldable Pikler triangles should definitely have folding guards to protect against accidental folding during play.
  6. To make the purchase of a Pikler triangle worthwhile, they should be particularly durable. Robust, stable and high quality Pikler triangles are therefore recommended.
  7. The Pikler triangle should have rounded edges and extra-fine sanded sides for the safety of the children
  8. Pikler triangles should have a height between 80-90 cm. Only in this way can children take full advantage of the play time between 8 months and 7 years of age.
  9. Pikler triangles should be suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  10. Good Pikler triangles are easy to clean
  11. According to the Pikler Society Berlin, the distance between the rungs should be about 12.5 cm. This is for the safety of the children

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