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Pikler climbing triangles transform any child's room into an educational adventure playground. But which indoor play equipment is still useful? What should parents and daycare centers look for when setting up a Pikler playroom? This article provides tips for selecting and setting up a pedagogically valuable play area according to Pikler.

How do I create a Pikler play area for my child?


1. What is a Pikler play area?

A Pikler playroom, is a play environment for young children and parents set up according to the principles of the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. This special environment is characterized by special furnishings & play equipment that support toddlers in their own activity.

2 What is Pikler play equipment?

Pikler play equipment includes the Pikler triangle set with slide, a Pikler arch, or the Pikler rung rocker. There is also furniture, such as the Pikler changing mat.

All Pikler play equipment motivates toddlers to discover and develop their motor skills at their own pace. Pikler play equipment, especially the Pikler Art Climbing Triangle with Slide Board, is part of an age-appropriate play environment for babies and toddlers ages 0-3.


With the Pikler triangle set with slide children can play even between the ages of 8 months and 7 years.

Why is play equipment like the Pikler Climbing Triangle useful?

The Pikler Climbing Triangle promotes children's motor skills and creativity. The countless play possibilities allow children to discover ever new uses for this wonderful piece of climbing equipment. The sense of achievement while climbing is wonderful for parents to watch and strengthens the self-confidence of young children.

The Pikler Climbing Triangle Set with slide board is a pedagogically valuable wooden toy, which is positive for the development of children and gives them a lot of joy while playing.

4. What to pay attention to when setting up a Pikler playroom?

The floor of the Pikler playroom

The floor of the Pikler play area should not be too soft. Children should explore and move around. Therefore, in a Pikler play room, children must be able to stand up and walk well. The floors should therefore not be too cold.

Safe Pikler play furniture

To support free movement, parents should assume that children will pull, push and turn the furniture. Therefore, children's Pikler furniture should be used that is not too high and from which objects cannot fall from too great a height.


Pikler toys

The following wooden toys according to Pikler should be offered:

  • Pikler Triangle Set
  • Pikler cube
  • Pikler bow

In addition, enough free space to play and romp around is recommended.

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