Mytoys & Babywalz: Alternatives for demanding parents?

Mytoys, Baby-Walz, Babyone and Babymarkt - these names are ubiquitous in the world of baby equipment. With stores in cities like Hamburg, Wolfsburg, Cologne, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Münster, Würzburg, Hamburg and Berlin, they offer a wide range of products from Cybex strollers to Maxi Cosi car seats. But for those who are looking for selected children's products and children's furniture, who have a more refined taste and are not satisfied with mass-produced goods, there is a world beyond these well-known names.

The exclusivity of smaller baby outfitter and design studios.

When it's not about the stroller. Smaller baby outfit ters and design studios are the hidden gems of the baby world. They offer a unique selection of hand-picked items that stand out for their quality, individuality and aesthetics. These stores are designed for those who are looking for Special baby items, have higher expectations and are not just looking for mass-produced items. The ambience and the selected products are simply inspiring and special.

Therefore, small baby outlets and design studios are more suitable for buying gifts. If it should be something special, e.g. as a gift for the 1st birthday.


Personal advice in smaller stores

Not so crowded, trained and above all dedicated staff. Passion is in the foreground here. This is noticeable in the personal and high-quality advice or when there are special requests. The employees in these stores are not only experts but also put their heart into their work. Whether it's advice or finding a special date for delivery, individual service is simply convenient and practical. They simply take the time to understand what you're looking for instead of just making a sale. Of course there is the Mytoys coupon or the Babywalz coupon. But great deals are always available from designers and individual stores as well.

Our favorite online stores for baby & kids products:

  1. Studio Belize:
  2. Kleine Fabriek:
  3. Children of the city:
  4. De Bambini:

Baby cribs: The individual choice

In a smaller, individual store you will find baby beds that are not only safe and comfortable, but also have a unique design and outstanding quality. On offer are baby beds that are not available everywhere, carefully selected and chosen with attention to detail.

Climbing triangles with slide: quality product

Or the climbing triangle with slide: this activity toy is used daily as a climbing device and is properly strained by the wild play of toddlers and babies. Here it is important to find a model that is durable and keeps what it promises. Here it is recommended to buy from an expert who has dealt with the product properly, so that the triangle also keeps what it promises.



Pikler triangle with slide


Children's shoes: Only with individual advice

The same applies to children's shoes. In smaller stores you will find shoes that are not only comfortable and good for your child's feet, but also unique in design and of excellent quality. Above all, the advice is important for children's shoes. Because here it makes sense to look in detail. Why should you do without Velcro fasteners on baby shoes and and and...Here an individual and extensive consultation is recommended.


Smaller stores and design studios are the perfect choice for discerning parents looking for something special. Even If the MSThey offer a unique selection of high-quality, stylish products that you won't find anywhere else. So the next time you're looking for baby products, why not take a look at the smaller, more exclusive stores? You might find exactly what you're looking for.

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