Wooden Toys-Right Cleaning: The guide

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Wooden toys are more than just an eco-friendly choice. It has a natural antibacterial effect due to the tannic acids it contains, which fight germs. However, proper cleaning and care of wooden toys is essential to ensure a hygienic play environment for your child. In this article you will find useful tips and advice on how to clean and care for your wooden toys.


  1. The be-all and end-all: be careful with water
  2. Why regular cleaning is so important
  3. Wooden toys: More than just a toy
  4. Pay attention to quality when buying
  5. Care pays off
  6. Important tips: What you should avoid
  7. Cleaning the climbing triangle properly: Quick guide
  8. Conclusion

How to clean baby wooden toys?


1. The be-all and end-all: be careful with water

Your wooden toy is sensitive to water and can swell. It should only be wiped briefly with warm water and a cotton cloth. Avoid soaking or using detergents, as these can damage the wood. For stubborn stains, we recommend using a sponge and mild dishwashing liquid for gentle cleaning. Important: Dry your wooden toy thoroughly after cleaning to prevent moisture absorption and swelling of the wood.

2. Why regular cleaning is so important

Children tend to put toys in their mouths. Regular cleaning removes potentially harmful bacteria and debris from surfaces. Note, however, that wooden toys should never be disinfected. Disinfectants could damage the wood and residue could get on mucous membranes if the child puts the toy in his or her mouth.

3. Wooden toys: more than just a toy

Toys made of wood that are close to nature offer many advantages for children's development. It promotes creativity and stimulates the senses. In particular, the sense of touch and smell are sensory stimulated, thanks to the soft feel and pleasant smell of wood. Robustness and durability characterize wooden toys, there is also no danger of sharp edges or parts that can be swallowed.


Pikler triangle with slide


Wooden toys suitable for babies & toddlers:

  • Climbing triangle with slide
  • Baby rattle
  • Mobile
  • Play bow
  • Griffin
  • Musical clock

4. Pay attention to quality when buying

If you want to buy wooden toys, you should pay attention to the quality and the materials used. Untreated wood, vegetable dyes, stains or glazes, and water-based oils or paints are safe and should be preferred. This ensures that the wooden toy is free of harmful substances and safe for your child to use.

5. Care is worth it

Cleaning wooden toys is easy and helps extend their life. Regular care will keep it in good condition and continue to provide fun and enjoyment. Wooden toys are not only environmentally friendly and durable, but also a valuable educational resource that supports your child's development.

6. Important tips: Here's what you should avoid

When caring for wooden toys, there are some important points that should be avoided at all costs to protect the toy and your child's health.

Disinfection is taboo! Wooden toys should never be disinfected. The material can be attacked and severely damaged. In addition, if children put the toy in their mouths, there is a risk that residues of the disinfectant will attack the child's mucous membranes.

Avoid water baths and machine cleaning! An absolute no-go is also cleaning wooden toys in a water bath, dishwasher or washing machine. Boiling or disinfecting in a steam sterilizer should also be avoided.

Instead, we recommend cleaning with clean rags or sponges and a little lukewarm water. Handle the toy with care and follow the specific care instructions to ensure longevity and safety.

Your wooden toy will thank you with a long life and safe playtime!

7. Clean the climbing triangle properly: Quick guide

Proper cleaning is important for the hygiene and longevity of the climbing triangle.

As with all wooden toys, water is a sensitive issue with the climbing triangle. Long exposure times can damage the material, so a quick wipe down with a damp cotton cloth is recommended.


For stubborn dirt, the use of a sponge and mild detergent is recommended. Aggressive detergent can damage the wood and should be avoided. Dry the climbing triangle well after cleaning and avoid using disinfectants to prevent damage to the wood and potential hazards to your child's mucous membranes.

Proper care of the climbing triangle is uncomplicated, but necessary on a regular basis. Proper cleaning will keep it durable, safe, and provide your child with many hours of playtime fun.

8. Conclusion

Proper cleaning and care of wooden toys is uncomplicated and of great importance to create a hygienic environment for your child. Wiping with warm water, a cotton cloth if necessary, and mild dishwashing detergent for a short time will effectively remove any dirt. Remember to dry the wooden toys thoroughly to prevent damage from moisture. However, disinfecting wooden toys should be avoided as this can damage the material.

Natural wooden toys are an educational asset that stimulates your child's senses and creativity. It is sturdy, safe and environmentally conscious. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your wooden toys and ensure a safe and healthy play environment for your children.

With proper care, wooden toys are not just a toy, but a lasting and valuable companion in your child's development.

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