Baby room for design-loving parents

Design that grows with you.

Discover lovingly designed furniture and decorations for the baby room. Design created with attention to detail and an understanding of the needs of discerning parents. With Studio Belize® you can create a baby room that will be a feel-good place for you and your baby. Sophisticated & modular children's furniture and accessories for the baby room, such as the changing table / Montessori shelf MOKU, the changing mat MICRO, the crawling & play mat EverMat and the climbing triangle RICKI RACKA® support your child's development and growth - DESIGN THAT GROWS WITH YOU - by Bell Kink.

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For girls & boys

Furnishing children's rooms

What should you look out for when furnishing your child's room? How should the children's room be designed so that it grows with your child and meets their needs?

Here in the Studio Belize online store® you will find children's room inspiration, furnishing suggestions and children's room furniture for your dream children's room. Find products that suit your child and simply order them directly to your home.

For girls & boys

Storage in the children's room

Children's closet, shelves, changing unit, low shelves, the shelf for Tonies figures and the Montessori shelf for toys.

There can never be enough storage space in a child's room.

Whether for toys, baby clothes, wooden toys, play figures, books or cuddly toys, everything must be able to be put away and stored. Storage space should offer plenty of room, look attractive and not clutter the room. We recommend open Montessori shelves for children, which are easily accessible for children. With open Montessori shelves, children can take things out and put them back on their own.

Before buying your storage, think about shelving systems and consider what suits your children's room and your child. Here in the online store you will find the MOKU modular shelving system, which you can use from birth and for the rest of your child's life.

If you need advice or have any questions, please get in touch.

Growing with you & durable

Children's room furniture

A Scandinavian-style changing unit that can be used as a shelf without the changing top. A wonderfully elegant baby crib, crawling mats made of vegan leather and climbing triangles with a slide - nursery furniture that grows with the child is durable and can be used for a particularly long time. The MOKU Eidtion shelves from Studio Belize® can be used as open Montessori shelving or transformed into an open children's closet. The MOKU shelving system can be used throughout the home and can be extended with new modules. The MOKU shelves are the ideal storage solution.

The MOKU children's closet and the changing unit from the series of the same name are particularly suitable for small children's rooms.

The sophisticated changing unit goes wonderfully with Scandinavian-style homes. It can be extended with doors or drawers or used as a changing table without additional modules.

Furniture & Storage

Children's room furnishings - Buy online

Buy children's room furniture online here in the Studio Belize online store®. Fast delivery directly to your home. Great design products for your dream nursery. Sustainable nursery furniture such as the Montessori shelf, baby crib, climbing triangle, changing table and more - order now!