From Paw Patrol & Mom Shaming: Cartoon Overstimulation

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Hello and welcome to the magazine! Have you ever noticed how fascinated your toddler is with Paw Patrol? It's almost as if the colorful world of talking dogs and quick pictures has a magical attraction to our little ones. But have you ever wondered if these cartoons could possibly be stimulus overload for your child? In this blog article, we will address this issue and give some helpful tips on how you can deal with it.


  1. The fascination of Paw Patrol
  2. Overstimulation by cartoons like Paw Patrol
  3. Alternatives to cartoons like Pow Patrols
  4. The pressure of "momshaming
  5. Keith Chapman - The man behind Paw Patrol
  6. Conclusion

How do cartoons like Paw Patrol endanger children's development?


1. The fascination of Paw Patrol

Paw Pat rol is more than just another cartoon. With its colorful characters and exciting adventures, it captivates children worldwide. The accompanying Paw Patrol toys and even Happy Meal toys from McDonalds, featuring the Paw Patrol characters, further enhance this fascination.

2. Overstimulation by cartoons like Paw Patrol

Although cartoons like Paw Patrol can be entertaining and sometimes even educational, there is a danger of sensory overload for young children. The constant bombardment of bright colors, fast movements, and loud noises, can be overwhelming for a young child, leading to restlessness, sleep disturbances, and even behavioral problems. This is called overstimulation.

Overstimulation can cause young children's brains to have difficulty distinguishing important from unimportant information. It can also affect the child's ability to focus and pay attention as the brain constantly tries to process the flood of visual and auditory stimuli. In addition, such stimulus overload can interfere with the natural development of creativity and imagination, as the child has less time for unstructured, free play and exploration of the environment. Often, young children who are exposed to excessive stimulus overload tend to develop a phlegmatic personality later in childhood. This can go as far as disorders of social behavior.

It is important that parents use cartoons like Paw Patrol responsibly and limit them. A balance of screen time and other activities can help promote healthy cognitive development and minimize the risk of stimulus overload.

According to the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, children between the ages of 3 and 5 should not watch more than 30 minutes of television per day. Of course, this also applies to the use of other media such as YouTube on a tablet or apps on a smartphone. Children between the ages of 6 and 9 should not watch more than 45 minutes of TV or use comparable media per day, and children 10 and older should not watch more than 60 minutes. Children under age 2 should have no screen time at all.

3. Alternatives to cartoons like Pow Patrols

There are many sensible alternatives to cartoons that can help your child calm down, have fun, and "let off steam." It is important that toddlers and babies are not overwhelmed and their brains are not overstimulated. Montessori toys and wooden baby toys are great ways to encourage your child's creativity and independence. For example, the pikler triangle with slide is a wonderful activity toy for babies and toddlers. The little ones can wonderfully occupy themselves with this wooden toy. They develop their motor skills, creativity and self-confidence while playing. Discover pikler triangle with slide now!



Pikler triangle with slide


4. The pressure of "momshaming"

As parents, we want the best for our children. But sometimes we feel pressured or even embarrassed to put our child in front of the TV for a few minutes of quiet. This phenomenon, known as "momshaming," can make us feel like we've failed. But it's important to understand that every parent needs breaks. It is important not to create a vicious circle and, consequently, excessive consumption of cartoons or similar media, for example, on the tablet or smartphone. Because of stress in everyday life or at work, there should not be a regular "immobilization" of the child by watching cartoons.

5 Keith Chapman - The man behind Paw Patrol

Keith Chapman, the creator of Paw Patrol, is a good example of how to be successful with children's entertainment. With his creativity and business acumen, he has created a brand that children all over the world love. But what does he do with his wealth? According to an article in Time, he invests much of his wealth in real estate and art, while continuing to develop new ideas for children's entertainment. Wouldn't it be nice if such a successful, wealthy and talented man earned his money in the future with a meaningful and more educational children's activity?

6. conclusion

As parents, it is our job to want the best for our children while keeping our own needs in mind. However, responsible use of cartoons like Paw Patrol is very important to ensure optimal development of your child. But remember, you're not alone - we're all making the most of this challenging but rewarding journey called parenting.

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