Climbing triangle


Climbing triangle: Age recommendation

As parents, we are always on the lookout for suitable toys. Which is not easy, as there are so many on offer. If you are looking for a wooden toy that actively and cognitively stimulates your little ones, is produced sustainably and can also score points with long-lasting playability, then you've come to the right place. Find out in this blog article what a Pikler triangle is and why children play with it for so long.


  1. What is a Pikler triangle?
  2. How long do children play with a Pikler triangle?
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Pikler Triangle: Age Recommendation

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for children's products:

As parents we are always looking for suitable toys. Which is not easy, since there are tons of offers. If you are looking for a wooden toy that stimulates your little ones actively as well as cognitively, is produced sustainably and can also score with long playability, then you are in the right place. Learn in this blog article what a Pikler Triangle is and why children play with it for so long.


What is a Pikler Triangle?

The name climbing triangle, triangle stand or Pikler triangle, is known and named after the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. The Pikler Triangle is a small to medium sized rung construction and a wonderful piece of gymnastics equipment for babies and toddlers. It is easily foldable and takes the shape of a triangle when set up. The rungs are great for pulling up and climbing on your own. Playing with the Pikler Climbing Triangle offers endless play opportunities and encourages autonomous motor movement from crawling age (about 8 months). Good Pikler triangles are foldable and have child locks to prevent them from accidentally collapsing while climbing. These indoor climbing frames are made of 100% natural wood and are therefore very sustainable.

How long do children play with the pikler triangle?

Climbing on the Pikler Triangle develops toddlers' cognitive skills and hand-foot coordination. Climbing in an upright position is especially fun for toddlers and also promotes a sense of balance, improves posture, and strengthens muscles and a sense of direction. Climbing triangles with slide are pedagogically valuable and turn every child's room into an adventure playground.

A climbing triangle helps promote good mental as well as physical development. Thanks to the triangle shape, the angle of inclination helps the little ones to climb in a healthy posture. With a large Pikler triangle (80-90cm height), children between the ages of 8 months and 7 years can play extensively. The total playing time is thus between 6-7 years. It is therefore the perfect play and training tool for early childhood.


The pikler triangle set with slide offers especially many play possibilities. The slide of the pikler triangle can be played on two sides. On one side as a slide, on the other as a chicken ladder.

And if the children run out of energy, the pikler triangle can easily be converted into a cave, tepee, tent or tunnel. The children go camping, have a small village built, a horse stable or a car tunnel. The versatility of this Pikler toy, allows children of different ages to play together and is therefore perfect for siblings.


From my own experience, I can say that the pikler Triangle (height 83cm) is a wonderful wooden toy and its purchase as a climbing device for toddlers and babies is definitely worth every penny. My own three kids (one, three and seven) love to play and climb with it. That's why I can recommend it to all parents who are looking for a long-lasting, ecological toy.

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