Pikler triangle - Is it worth the purchase?

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When buying new products for our children, we parents like to read the experiences of other parents. In the following text I will first briefly tell you what a Pikler Triangle is exactly and why it is pedagogically valuable. Then I share with you my personal experiences with our Pikler Triangle and the feedback from our customers. If you are curious, please read on here.



Pikler triangle with slide 



  1. What is a Pikler Triangle?
  2. Why is a Pikler triangle educational?
  3. When should you buy a Pikler triangle?
  4. What makes a good Pikler Triangle?
  5. How long do children play with a Pikler Triangle?
  6. Can the Pikler Triangle be used for other purposes?
  7. Experiences with the Pikler Triangle
  8. Conclusion

1 What is a Pikler Triangle?

The name Pikler Triangle is derived from the Hungarian pediatrician and inventor of the climbing triangle Emmi Pikler. The Pikler Triangle, also called the Climbing Triangle, is a small to medium sized rung construction in the shape of a triangle that children between the ages of 8 months and 7 years climb, play and pull themselves up on. Playing with the Pikler Triangle is fun and promotes autonomous and motor development.

2. Why is a Pikler Triangle educationally valuable?

When climbing on the Pikler Triangle the child's cognitive skills are developed through hand-foot coordination. It also trains the child's sense of balance and orientation, strengthens the muscles and thus improves the child's overall posture. A sense of achievement while climbing (e.g. crossing the climbing triangle) additionally strengthens the self-confidence of the little ones. Thanks to the triangular shape and, in good climbing triangles, a not too steep angle of inclination, the Pikler Triangle enables climbing in a healthy posture. The Pikler triangle helps to promote a good psychological as well as physical development of the child.

3) When should I buy a Pikler Triangle?

Every child is individual and accordingly every child adopts the Pikler Triangle at a different time. Basically, a climbing triangle is suitable for children between the ages of 8 months and 7 years.

Most children see the Pikler Triangle for the first time, eyeing it curiously, and then it doesn't take long for them to try climbing.

However, it is also possible that children do not immediately jump onto the Pikler Triangle with shining eyes, but that the child's interest must first develop a little. This usually happens when parents provide the Pikler Triangle directly from the 8th month of life.

We recommend that parents offer the Pikler Triangle around the first birthday. If the child does not play with it right away, you may leave the Pikler Triangle set up within the child's usable reach for at least six months. Every child has his own pace, once the interest is awakened, he can start playing and climbing right away and with our Pikler Tri angle this means fun for the next 6-7 years.

4) What makes a good Pikler Triangle?

It should be safe. Therefore it should have 2x child locks or folding locks and be made of natural wood. The latter is important so that the child is not exposed to chemical pollutants, e.g. from paints, varnishes or surface treatments. All edges should be rounded as well as all surfaces should be well sanded. This is important so that the playing children do not get caught on sharp edges, injure themselves or catch chips. A Pikler triangle made of pine wood and plastic should be avoided. Pine wood is not very sturdy, splinters easily and breaks quickly. Plastic is not sustainable and may contain harmful substances.

The Pikler Triangle should be sturdy and robust. Let's face it, the Pikler Triangle is used for wild play and frolicking. It will be jiggled back and forth, shaken and weighed down. Only high quality Pikler triangles guarantee longevity and thus allow children to play with it for many years. The rule here is "multiplex is the better solid wood"! Multiplex is more stable and prevents rungs or the folding safety catches from breaking out under load. In the case of poor quality Pikler triangles, the rungs are usually glued and quickly start to twist during use before they finally break. High-quality Pikler triangles have a screw integrated into the rung, which can then be fixed to the leg with a nut.

5) How long do children play with a Pikler Triangle?

If the Pikler Tri angle is the right height, children can play with the Pikler Triangle for up to 7-8 years. We recommend a height between 80-85cm for the Pikler Triangle. It is appealing and provides challenge, but is not too high to be dangerous. Of course, parents should always supervise the child while playing with the Pikler Triangle supervise.

6. Can the climbing triangle be used for other purposes?

Yes, it can! It is an absolute all-purpose piece of play equipment. After a good workout, the Pikler Triangle can be used for fantasy games. It easily becomes a cave, a teepee, a tent or a crawling tunnel. The kids go camping, set up a little village, put in cuddly toys and suddenly have a horse stable or a tunnel for play cars. There are simply countless play ideas. You can learn more about play ideas in the article from our magazine linked here.

7. experiences with the Pikler triangle

So, I hope I could answer some of your questions. Now I can tell you something about the experiences of our customers and about my own.

The Pikler Triangle has convinced our customers and me as a great indoor play equipment. It has the perfect height, scores especially in bad weather or at Corona times, because the kids have the opportunity to let off steam within their own four walls. The versatility and the fact that our little ones can play together with it are just as exciting.

The sustainability and longevity of the Pikler Triangle as a piece of play equipment is also very well received. Let's face it, if you invest in something, you want to get something out of it for a long time. Our customers and I have all had positive experiences with the Pikler Triangle. Therefore, I am convinced that a Pikler Triangle is a worthwhile purchase for children and parents.


A Pikler Triangle is a piece of play equipment that actively encourages our children and supports their development in a very positive way. In my opinion, all children should be allowed to enjoy such a toy, so as to benefit from its advantages on their own personal development.

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