Pikler triangle: 5 creative game ideas

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for children's products:

With a pikler triangle, children can not only climb and pull themselves up, but much more. The climbing triangle was designed by Emmi Pikler to primarily promote gross motor skills in children, but the promotion of creativity also plays an important role. Since the Pikler climbing triangle is an "open-play" toy, you can "invent" an infinite number of play possibilities with a Pikler-style climbing triangle - all you need is a little creativity.
Here we present you 5 creative ideas how to use the climbing triangle with your child. In these games we use the pikler triangle set with slide.



1.) Aiming and throwing

2.) Push balloon through the rung

3) slide as a ramp for balls, cars or marbles

4) Rope pulling on the slide

5) Save the animals

Number 1: Aiming and throwing

For this activity, we use different sized bowls (preferably unbreakable wooden or plastic ones) and place them on the slide in order. Now the children can throw their stuffed animals, balls or other (soft) play figures into the bowls from a small distance. In doing so, children train their eye-hand coordination in a playful way.


Number 2: Pushing the balloon through the rungs

In this balloon game, the balloons must first be blown up as preparation. Please don't blow up the balloons too big, but also not too small - it's best to blow them up in such a way that the balloons can be pushed through the rungs with a little effort. Now you can wedge all the balloons between the rungs at all heights and the children may now push them through the rungs. Once they have made it through all the balloons, it starts all over again. Our little ones loved this game and repeated it until all the balloons were popped.


Number 3: Slide as a ramp for cars, balls or marbles.

As simple as this activity may sound, they are a favorite with kids. Using the slide, children can roll or roll their toy cars, balls, marbles or other round objects down a ramp. Tip: obstacles can be placed on the slide for the balls or marbles to bump into, creatively changing the trajectory of the toys.


Number 4: Rope pulling on the slide

This activity is designed for slightly older children to improve their sense of balance. For rope pulling, it's best to use a bed sheet to ensure a good grip (smooth sheets slip in children's little hands).

You line up opposite each other at the climbing triangle with slide. Now the kids may then take the end of the sheet and slowly pull themselves towards you on the slide. Build in a little challenge by having your child go down the slide backwards.

Number 5: Save the animals

For the last activity 'Save the Animals' you will need some animals and some ribbon/strings. It doesn't matter if the animals are big or small or made of plush, wood or plastic.

The animals are hung spread out on the rungs with the help of the strings. Please do not make a knot, but a loop, so that the children can undo it more easily and thus "save" the animals.

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