Nostalgia Nursery: Magic & warmth for baby

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Welcome to the world of nostalgia kids room. Here it's all about creating a loving, warm and nostalgic space for your child. It's not just about aesthetics, it's also about creating a space that encourages your child's growth and development.


  1. Wooden toys: Back to the roots
  2. Recommended baby products for the nostalgia nursery
  3. Design recommendations: Baby equipment
  4. Interior Design: The harmonious nursery
  5. Baby clothes and children's clothing: Classic & Natural
  6. The rest area of a nostalgia nursery
  7. Conclusion

What belongs in a nostalgic nursery?

Photo by IG:@Minafagerlund

1. Wooden toys: back to the roots

Forget Rainbow High dolls,Monster High dolls, Pokemon stuffed animals, Stitch stuffed animals or LoL dolls. Instead, we're focusing on wooden toys. Whether it's wooden toys for 1 year old children, wooden toys for babies, or even Grimm's wooden toys for older ones, the natural and warm texture of wooden toys and the values parents instill in their children with them are time-tested and unparalleled.

A special highlight in the nostalgia nursery, which should not be missing, is the Pikler Triangle, an indoor climbing toy for babies and toddlers made of wood, which is not only fun, but also promotes motor skills and creativity of your child. Discover here!


Pikler triangle with slide 
Photo IG:@Minafagerlund


2. Recommended baby items for the nostalgia nursery

When choosing baby items and baby gifts for the nostalgia nursery, quality is more important than quantity. A Steiff cuddly toy, Käthe Kruse doll s or even the Götz dolls are timeless pieces that can last for generations. They are not only toys, but also precious mementos.

3. Design recommendations: Baby equipment

Baby equipment in a nostalgia nursery should be both comfortable and stylish. A designer baby crib a cozy children's cardigan, a hand-knitted baby blanket, classically designed playmats or a crocheted baby blanket can enhance the room and be characteristic objects of a classic nursery.

4. Interior design: the harmonious nursery

The interior design of a nostalgia nursery should create a classically harmonious and soothing atmosphere. A classic baby bed, for example, with removable bars, a playhouse for children, a soft night light for children or a teepee tent for children are wonderful elements that contribute to the well-being and a dreamlike nursery.


5. Baby clothes and children's clothes: Classic & Natural

The selection of baby clothes and children's clothes can emphasize the nostalgic charm of the children's room. Whether it is baby clothes for girls, baby clothes for boys or baby clothes for newborns. Look for charming and classic children's clothes made of natural materials, such as cotton, merino wool or woolen whale. They should not be too colorful, but can set great accents with subtle and sophisticated decorations or embroidery. The important thing is that they are cozy and please you and your child.

6. the rest area of a nostalgic children's room

The nursery should be a place to grow and discover. But of course, it is also a place of rest for your child. The nursery set including the loving nursery decor is of course important for the atmosphere, but to completely furnish the nursery should also pay special attention to the nursery curtains. Quite nostalgic style, these can be playful or ornate, but opaque curtains or even IKEA curtains are recommended. With all love for interior design, the baby should be able to rest and sleep, according to its own rhythm. Here, opaque curtains that darken the baby's room even during the day are highly recommended.

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7. Conclusion

A nostalgia nursery is more than just a room - it is a place lovingly designed with attention to detail, where your grows and develops. It's a place where dreams grow and creativity and imagination are encouraged. With carefully selected children's furniture, baby items, quality wooden toys and lovingly selected textiles, you can shape the nostalgic character of the room.

Remember that a nostalgia nursery is more than just a room. It's a place where memories are made, a place where your child can grow and discover the world. With the right furniture, toys and accessories, you can create a space that is meaningful and special for both you and your child.

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