The Ultimate Furnishing Guide for the nursery

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for children's products:

A child's room should be a place where your child can experience well-being, development and growth. It is a space that provides safety and security and at the same time gives the opportunity to express creativity and imagination. A well thought-out children's room furnishing is therefore of great importance.


  1. Inspiration for the children's room
  2. The Pikler Triangle: An element for child-friendly furnishing
  3. Colors and materials for the children's room
  4. Children's room furniture: Stable and suitable for children
  5. Storage in the children's room
  6. Children's room lighting: Creating a pleasant atmosphere
  7. Plants in the children's room
  8. Children's room decoration
  9. Conclusion: The children's room as a place of development

What should I pay attention to when decorating the children's room?


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1. Inspiration for the children's room

As a responsible parent, you have the opportunity to create a special nursery for your child that is both educational, functional and stylish. An important aspect of decorating is taking into account your child's needs and interests. This is where nursery ideas from the professionals come into play.

2. The Pikler triangle: an element for child-friendly furnishing



Pikler triangle with slide


An important inspiration for a child-friendly interior can be the Pikler Triangle can be an important inspiration. The Pikler Triangle, named after Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, is a playful element designed to develop children's motor skills and independence. It is a great element for similar to a climbing wall for the children's room. It provides that extra dose of fun and motivates babies and toddlers to lead an active lifestyle.

A Pikler triangle can be placed in any nursery and provides a welcome change from the usual toys. It encourages your child's body coordination, fine motor skills and independence. At the same time, it is a stylish element that visually enhances the children's room interior design and reflects parental values - responsibility, sustainability and active lifestyle.

3. Colors and materials for the children's room

Another important consideration in the interior design is the wall color of the children's room and the choice of materials. Choose colors that are calming and create a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid too many colors and patterns, as this can overwhelm your child's senses. A nurserywallpaper can play a big role in this.

4. Nursery furniture: Stable and suitable for children


When choosing children's room furniture, make sure that it is child-friendly and stable. A high-quality baby crib and a good desk are important so that your child can sleep and learn comfortably and safely. A closet nursery is also a piece of furniture that shapes the character of the children's room...

5. Storage in the children's room

Another important consideration is the storage in the children 's room of toys and clothes. Invest in good storage solutions that ensure that everything is neatly stored. This way, your child can learn to tidy up and keep things in order on their own. Shelves, baskets and drawers are very helpful in this regard.

6. Children's room lighting: creating a pleasant atmosphere

Another important element of a child-friendly interior is the children's room lighting. Avoid too much direct light and instead rely on indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere. A wall lamp kids room is useful to make your child feel safe and secure at night.

7. Plants in the nursery

Another way to enhance your child's room is to use plants. Plants bring life to the room and create a pleasant atmosphere. However, choose plants that are easy to care for and non-toxic.

8. Children's room decoration


For decoration, you can use wall tattoo kids room or a beautiful carpet kids room. These elements can enhance your child's room and make it more cozy.

9. Conclusion: the children's room as a place of development

In conclusion, you should make sure that your children 's room is a place where your child feels comfortable and where he can develop and evolve. A well-designed interior, which is adapted to the needs and interests of your child, contributes to the fact that your child feels comfortable in his room and can develop healthily. Whether it's a girl 's nursery or a boy's nursery, it should always be a place that encourages your child's creativity and imagination.

It is also important to adapt the nursery over time to the child's development and age. A well-designed space that is developed for children can help children feel safe, secure and able to express their creativity and imagination. A nostalgia children's room can create a special atmosphere in this regard.

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