The way to a daycare (KITA) place: Instructions

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Finding the ideal Kita place can be a challenge, but don't worry, we are here to help you. With the right tips,experiences from other parents and tools like the Kita Portal, the Kita Finder Munich, or the Kita Info App, the search will be much easier.


  1. Step 1: Apply for a daycare voucher
  2. Step 2: Find suitable daycare centers for a direct application
  3. Step 3: Prepare your application
  4. Step 4: The initial interview
  5. Settling in and first day at the daycare center
  6. Questions & Answers
  7. Which gifts for the Kita?
  8. Is 1 year too early for the Kita?
  9. Conclusion

How do I find a Kita place?


Step 1: Apply for a Kita voucher

Apply for your Kita voucher as soon as possible. Because: No Kita place without a Kita voucher. The first thing that the daycare center management or the teachers ask for in the initial interview is the daycare center voucher. You can apply for the Kita voucher at the family service of your city.

Remember: Kita vouchers are not available in all cities or states. Well-known examples of cities that support families with daycare vouchers are Berlin and Hamburg.

Step 2: Find suitable daycare centers for a direct application

Start your search on portals such as Kita-Portal Nürnberg, Kita-Navigator Berlin, Kita-Navigator Münster, Kita-Portal Dortmund, or Kita-Portal Bremen. These offer you an overview of daycare centers in your city. You can also use the Kita Finder to find specific facilities such as the Kita Löwenzahn, the Kita Spatzenäscht, the Kita Sonnenschein or the Kita-Kunterbunt.

On these portals you will find Kita facilities and explanatory brief descriptions of their offer, equipment & pedagogical concept. Select a few suitable daycare centers that meet your requirements.

Notice: As a rule, these Kita portals are more likely to help you find suitable facilities. However, they are usually unsuitable for establishing contact, an overview of available places or even a direct application.

What is important when choosing a daycare center?

  • Location (travel time)
  • Pedagogical Kita concept
  • Language offer
  • Creative offerings: music, etc.
  • Number of educators
  • Group size
  • Excursions
  • Facilities: size, playground, garden, etc.
  • Equipment: playground equipment, tables, Pikler triangle etc.

Step 3: Prepare application

As soon as you have found a suitable daycare center, prepare a short but meaningful daycare center application. A personal email directly to the daycare center in which you introduce your child and your family in a short, concise and meaningful way. It is important to make a positive first impression. Daycare centers do not only choose the children, but also the parents. A photo of your child playing or being creative in a nice spot in your home is a good way to add a personal touch to the daycare application.

Step 4: The initial interview

At the initial interview, you will usually meet the daycare center management or an educator. The staff will introduce you to the facility but will also get to know you as a family. The daycare staff gets a first impression of your child and of you as parents. They will see if you are a good match for each other and if the facility and its services fit the needs of the parents.

Important questions to ask the Kita staff during the initial interview:

  • How many children are cared for by one educator?
  • How large are the groups?
  • How many teachers are in charge of one group?
  • Which pedagogical concept is practiced in the daycare center?
  • How are the children provided with food?
  • What nutritional concept does the daycare practice?
  • What are the opening hours?
  • When should the children be brought to the daycare center and when can they be picked up?
  • Are there any parent activities that parents should help with at the daycare center?

Step 5: Settling in and first day at the daycare center

Settling in is an important step for your child. Make sure you have everything with you that your child needs and that has been recommended by the Kita staff. A Kita backpack with a change of clothes, seasonal clothing, slippers, a lunch box (Vespa) and water bottle, a gym bag and toothbrush with toothpaste is essential.

Questions & Answers

What gifts for the nursery?

A farewell gift Kita or a gift to start can be a nice gesture. A Pikler triangle with slide is a great gift that can be given by several parents together. It develops children's motor skills and provides lots of fun.


Personalized gifts that reflect the interests of educational professionals are also a good idea. Or how about decorations or cards made by the children themselves? Toys and support materials for the facility are always welcome, too. And of course, the classic - nerve food in the form of candy - is always a good idea.

Is 1 year too early for daycare?

The decision as to whether and from when it is appropriate for a child to attend daycare is, of course, left to the parents themselves. Every child is different and therefore the decision should be made individually. But experts agree: children do no harm if they start attending daycare as early as one year old.

Finding the perfect Kita place can be a challenge, but with the right tools and a well-prepared application, nothing will stand in the way of starting Kita. Good luck with your search! And don't forget to consider everyday helpers Kita and Kita gifts for educators to make everyday Kita life easier.


Finding the perfect Kita place can be a challenge, but with a well-prepared application, you can do it! If you get rejected by some daycare centers, don't get discouraged. Whether you end up choosing Kita Löwenzahn, Kita Spatzenäscht, Kita Sonnenschein or Kita-Kunterbunt, the important thing is that your child feels comfortable and secure there. And remember, the first day of kinder garten is an important step for your child and a chance to make the transition as smooth as possible. With a little preparation and patience, the start of daycare will be a positive experience for you and your child.

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