Designer vs. Discount: Modulare Regale 2023

Designer vs. discount: Modular shelving 2023

In today's world, where flexibility and adaptability are becoming increasingly important, modular shelving systems have become an indispensable part of modern living and working spaces. But what makes them so special?

What are the advantages of modular shelving?


  1. Adaptability: whether in the living room, children's room, kitchen or bathroom, modular shelving systems can be used anywhere. They are designed to easily adapt to different room sizes and shapes.

  2. Versatility: Whether as a room divider, narrow shelf for the hallway, shelf for folders in the office or as a floating shelf in the living room - the possibilities are endless.

  3. Variety of materials: from shelves made of wood to shelves made of black metal to white shelves - there is a suitable design for every taste.

  4. Storage space as needed: with modular shelving systems, you can design the storage space according to your needs. Whether shelves, storage boxes, cabinet modules or shelves with drawers - everything is possible.

  5. Durability: Due to their robust construction and the possibility to replace or expand individual parts, modular shelving systems are an investment in the future.

  6. Individual design: Whether a shelf in black, a small shelf for the bathroom or a shelf made to measure for the living room - modular shelving systems can be individually designed.

  7. Space-saving: Especially in small rooms, where every square inch counts, narrow shel ves or shelves in white are ideal for visually enlarging the space.

  8. Easy assembly: Many modular shelving systems are designed so that they can be assembled without much effort. This saves time and nerves.

  9. Sustainability: many manufacturers emphasize sustainable materials and production. A wooden shelf made from sustainable forestry or a shelf made from recycled metal are just two examples.

  10. Value for money: from inexpensive solutions to designer shelving systems, there is a shelving system to suit every budget.

Popular designer brands

Brands like Studio Belize and USM Regal offer high-end solutions for every need, focusing on design and quality.

Popular discount brands

This article would be incomplete without mentioning IKEA products and thus some of the most popular shelving systems that the discount market has to offer and that can be found in many homes of Euopas. The Kallax shelf from IKEA, the versatile Billy shelf or the rustic Ivar shelf are just a few examples from IKEA. These are, of course, good shelves at reasonable prices, but they do notmeet every taste.


Modular shelving systems are more than just a way to store things. They offer flexibility, design and functionality all in one. Whether you are looking for a shelf for the kitchen, the living room or the office - with a modular system you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution

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