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How to find the right play mat for your home.

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The right play mat

Children love to play. Unfortunately, there are always tears. To avoid painful falls from the Pikler triangle it is advisable to secure the area around the Pikler triangle as much as possible.

But how do you make the area around a Pikler triangle as safe as possible? This is often more challenging than you might think at first.


Pikler triangle: the right mat

From the experts at Studio Belize® -. Design studio for children's products:

Children love to romp. Unfortunately, there are always tears in the process. To prevent painful falls from the Pikler Triangle it is recommended to secure the area around the Pikler Triangle as best as possible.

But how do you make the area around a Pikler Tri angle as safe as possible? This is often more challenging than one might think at first.

Why play mat?


The main principles for securing the environment around a Pikler Triangle are:

  • No sharp edges or pointed corners around the Pikler Triangle.
  • Soft ground around the Pikler Tri angle as fall protection
  • Children should play with the Pikler Triangle only under adult supervision
  • Mats serve not only as fall protection, but also as anti-slip surface on bare floors such as parquet or tiles - they prevent the Pikler Triangle from slipping

When parents follow these principles, it increases the safety of young children when playing with the Pikler Triangle enormously.

For the fall protection around the climbing triangle with slide it is worthwhile to purchase the right mats. Parents can choose between different mats, which differ in material and thickness.

For fall protection around the Pikler triangle, parents can choose from the following types of mats:

  • Fall protection mats
  • Soft floor mats
  • Gymnastic & play mats

Fall protection matting, from 8 cm thick, is mostly used in environments where a very high level of safety is required and where falls or falls from great heights are expected. This is the case, for example, in daycare centers, climbing rooms or even toilets in kindergartens. Often these fall protection mats are also used in gymnasiums. A standard size here is 200x100cm. For home use, the fall protection mats are rather not suitable.

The soft floor mats (5-6 cm thickness) provides fall protection from low heights and is therefore often used in conjunction with climbing equipment and indoor climbing frames in kindergartens, tobero rooms and also rarely at home. There are models that fold up very nicely. However, they are quite large for home use.

Gymnastic & play mats (1-2 cm thickness) are very often chosen for home use. They are easy to store but do not serve as fall protection for large indoor climbing frames. For small climbing triangles with a height of approx. 60 cm, however, these mats are certainly used. However, when used for large Pikler triangleswith a height of 80 cm - 1 m, these mats do not provide enough fall protection. There are gymnastics & play mats that can be rolled out or pinned like puzzle pieces.



When using climbing triangles with slide you should provide a safe environment. Fall protection by mats is essential when using Pikler triangles and serves not only as fall protection but also as an anti-slip surface. Basically, you should always consider the possible fall height and choose a suitable mat thickness accordingly. The rule is: the thicker the mat, the safer it is. Gymnastic & play mats are used for small Pikler triangles. For large Pikler triangles, use mats that have a higher fall protection.

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