Pikler triangle: toddlers love this toy

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design Studio for Children's Products:

For playing with the pikler triangle, the following principle applies above all, the child educator Emmi Pikler:

"Children do not need instructions to play with the Climbing Triangle Set with Slide, also called Pikler Climbing Triangle."



Pikler triangle with slide


Playing independently with the Climbing Triangle Set helps toddlers test their limits and promotes the development of motor skills, physical strength, movement safety, coordination skills and sense of balance. It is especially important that children use the Pikler Climbing Triangle with Slide Board at their own pace, without pressure or stress. This allows them to develop at their own individual pace.

Children have a variety of uses for a Pikler Triangle with Slide.


Often the Pikler Triangle Set is used by children as follows:

  • Climbing toy
  • Gymnastic equipment for toddlers
  • crawling tunnel (here a blanket is hung over the climbing triangle)
  • Counter (in combination with the slide)
  • Pikler slide board
  • Chicken ladder
  • Indoor adventure playground

Children love the Pikler Triangle with Slide because there are no limits to their imagination and creativity when playing. They can get physical while climbing, train their coordination skills and experience a sense of achievement that boosts their self-confidence.

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