Pikler triangle or climbing bow: Advantages & Disadvantages

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You're looking for an indoor climbing toy for your kids and you're asking yourself the question: which is better? The Pikler Triangle or the Pikler Arch? In the following I got to the bottom of this question:



Pikler triangle with slide



  1. What is a Pikler arch?
  2. When is a Pikler arch recommended?
  3. How long can a climbing arch be used?
  4. What are the advantages of a Pikler arch?
  5. Is a Pikler arch useful?
  6. How does the Pikler arch differ in structure from the Pikler triangle?
  7. Which is better Pikler Triangle or Pikler arch?
  8. Conclusion

Which is better Pikler triangle or climbing arch?



Pikler triangle with slide


1 .What is a Pikler arch?

The Pikler arch is an arch-shaped rung construction made of wood, which helps children in their motor development. Its height can vary from 40/ 50cm to 80cm and its length is 100 cm. The arches are made of wood or multiplex boards, so it is a sturdy, sustainable, pollution-free play equipment.

2. From when is a Pikler arch recommended?

The climbing bow is recommended from about 10 months of age. Kids should already be able to crawl well and be stable. However, from my own experience, I can say that the Pikler arch is more likely to be used from 24 months. Why? The arch is crossed by children in a horizontal position. This requires much more body tension. Crossing the arch is therefore a little different for the kids than at the Pikler triangle.


3) How long can a Piker arch be played with?

Similar to the Pikler climbing triangle, it depends on the height of the bow. However, a Pikler bow can be used for up to seven years. Due to its rounded shape, it is not only suitable for climbing, but also as a super seesaw or balance board. If you place the arch sideways, the kids can play store or use it as a racetrack.

4) What are the advantages of a Pikler arch?

A Pikler arch, like the Pikler triangle, promotes autonomous motor movement. However, at the beginning, the arch will not be as interesting as the Pikler Triangle. This is because children first want to stand up, climb up, conquer the height before they crawl over an arch. Other things can be done with the arch, but the child should be older. For example, if you build a seesaw or balance board from it, your child will want to do this alone, but at that young age, but you always have to give assistance, this in turn can be frustrating for your child. The bow is also suitable for role-playing games such as store or build a space station, but play in this way only older children from about 3 years.


5. is a Pikler arch useful?

A Pikler bow is a great toy, my children like to play with it and use it for the most curious games. In my opinion, if the budget allows it, a Pikler bow is useful, but since it is not as versatile as the Pikler triangle, I rather recommend the Pikler triangle.

6) How does the Pikler Arch differ in structure from the Pikler Triangle?

One obvious feature is probably the shape. The Pikler arch is rounded and the Pikler Triangle is triangular. Both are made of wood. The arch is rigid, while many Pikler triangles conveniently fold up for easier storage.

7. which is better Pikler triangle or Pikler arch?

This is a difficult question to answer. Both playground equipment are simply wonderful in their idea. They encourage children in their motor skills and creativity. However, the Pikler Triangle compared to the Pikler Arch is a bit more versatile and can be used by babies at an earlier age. In addition, it offers the advantage of folding. Therefore, I usually recommend the Pikler triangle.



Pikler triangle with slide

Photo by IG:@Minafagerlund

8. conclusion

You should look at the needs of your child, if you still have a baby and you are thinking about buying a motoric play equipment, I would recommend the Pikler Triangle first and hey, if your wallet will allow it, you can always buy a Pikler Arch later as an add-on. But the main device is and remains the Pikler Triangle. The bottom line is that these toys are very durable and can be played with for a long time. If you pay attention to where, how and with what your children play, these toys are a good recommendation.

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