Summer vacation at home - game ideas

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design Studio for Children's Products:

Who says vacationing at home can't be just as exciting as going somewhere else. Below you'll find great ideas on how to creatively design summer vacations at home with your kids. If you'd like some ideas, you're welcome to read on.

How can I make summer vacation at home exciting?



Pikler triangle with slide


1. Climbing triangle course indoors and outdoors

A Pikler triangle with slide and chicken ladder is a super all-round play equipment, sustainable as well as versatile: Climbing, romping, active- and creative play. Big plus with the optimal height (80 - 85cm) children of different ages can play with it at the same time. In addition, a Pikler triangle can be used outdoors as well as indoors. For example, you can build a small course in the garden with the Pikler Climbing Triangle. This can be extended at will, e.g. with boards for balancing, bucket slalom or the good old egg and spoon run. Or to stimulate creativity even more, just put a blanket or cloth over the Pikler triangle and the kids have a tepee/tent. There are simply no limits to creativity. More tips and ideas here in the Studio Belize magazine.®.

2. DIY projects with children

A birdhouse, a mud kitchen, a playhouse, a farm or riding arena, maybe even a parking garage for toy cars? There are so many DIY projects your little ones can actively participate in. The Internet can be a great source of help. There are great DIY sites on the Internet that offer info on costs, materials and instructions.

3. camping in the garden

If you have a tent and a garden you should definitely give this a try. Sit at the campfire and grill, sing, listen to the sounds of nature, look at the starry sky while telling stories and lying cozy in the tent. In addition, the house is also close by. This brings a lot of comfort and for the children it is a real adventure.

4. Scavenger hunt

Everyone knows the classic search and find game. The kids get exercise and have a lot of fun at the same time. You can use riddle questions, clues or pictures and if you spontaneously feel like a scavenger hunt while out walking, have someone go ahead and lay arrows with branches along the way.

5. Create a fairy garden

A fairy garden can be created in the garden or on a balcony. You can look for a corner in the garden or maybe in the flower bed, if there is room, by a tree or in the meadow. You can put a ceramic house for the fairies or build one yourself. Embellish the fairy garden with a few flowers, moss, branches, stones and lay a path or get a small fairy door, attach it to a tree and create a small fairy garden around it. Also suitable is a larger tub or a small tin tub. Simply fill in earth, perhaps also bark mulch and stones, to your heart's content you may let off steam in the realm of the fairies. If you don't have any ideas yet, you can browse the Internet and get some ideas.

6. Disco evening

Jump around, sip fruit punch and present cool dance moves to loud music and colorful lights. If you like, you can dress up or wear flashy, colorful clothes in color blocking style. Maybe even some glitter and make-up in the face and the disco evening for young and old can begin.

7. Night hike

In the evening when it gets dark, run again with flashlights or flashlights through the forest, the village or meadows. If you are looking for the extra creepy factor, you can tell ghost stories and the brave ones among you dare to walk through a cemetery in the dark.

8. Puppet theater

You can build a puppet theater out of cloths, a table and chairs or a big cardboard box. The characters can be socks, Barbies, action figures, cars, or homemade hand puppets. Think up stories together or in pairs, taking turns as spectator or puppeteer. You are welcome to provide musical accompaniment, whether from children or parents. For those who do not play an instrument, there is always the good old CD player or music from the Internet.

9. Hikes on adventure trails

Children are little explorers, adventure trails such as a forest adventure trail, Brettleswege in the moor or even a treetop trail, are exciting destinations. The kids are allowed to discover, feel, try out, climb, romp and move in the fresh air and in nature.

10. Create nature pictures

You don't need much for this: paper, double-sided tape and objects from nature that you have collected during a hike or a walk, for example. Flowers, leaves, grasses, thin branches or small stones. You stick the tape on the paper, your collected nature treasures are placed on it. If you like, you can stick the tape so that it makes a shape, for example, a heart.

11. Giant soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are always fun, to make giant soap bubbles waft through the area you will need: two sticks, a longer string and a tub of soap suds. The string is stretched between the sticks, the soap suds now hang in the string triangle and can be pulled through the air. On the Internet you can find numerous instructions for making soap bubbles yourself or ready-made soap bubble sets.

12. Stargazer

Dress warmly, pack blankets and snuggle up together in the garden. Lying on your back you can look at the starry sky, you can look for constellations and tell the stories about them or you can just enjoy the view into the vastness of space, with a little luck you can even see shooting stars. If you live in the city, find a place further out, take some drinks and snacks with you and make yourself comfortable there. July and August are especially good for this as the Perseids light up the night sky. This year they will take place between July 17 and August 24, 2022, just check the internet every year to find out when the Perseids pass by.

13. On the trail of the past

Take small day trips, visit castles or their ruins, buildings of the Vikings or remains of the Limes. Quarries where you can tap fossils or cities built in a meteorite crater. Go underground in old mines or salt mines.

14. Inflatable boat tour

In a calm lake or a peaceful stream, a trip in an inflatable boat is a lot of fun, adventurous and also promises some cooling. Depending on the occasion, you can also pack a picnic and eat on the boat or choose a nice spot to rest and swim.

15. Garden cinema

You make a cozy movie night outside, snuggle up on well-cushioned garden loungers and chairs, with a giant big bowl of popcorn. Meanwhile, there are beamers and screens at a reasonable price, such as a mini beamer, you can connect it directly to your phone and watch your favorite movies and series under the night sky.


Of course we all wish to break out of the usual environment and everyday life. But I think these 15 points will give you some good ideas how to enjoy your summer vacations at home as a fun and exciting family vacation. I wish you a lot of fun while implementing the ideas and a pleasant summer vacation.

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