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Parents who have left behind the challenging infant period are faced with the exciting task of designing and furnishing the nursery. To give the nursery a modern and fresh look, current trends should be taken into account. They will ensure that the decor of the children's room does not look boring or old-fashioned.


  1. Children's room trends make a modern interior
  2. The baby bed trend: rattan
  3. Durable baby beds are worth it
  4. Safety for the child comes first
  5. Important functions of baby beds
  6. What should not be missing in the nursery
  7. Conclusion

What is the trend in baby beds?


1. Nursery trends make a modern interior.

The choice of furniture for the nursery plays a decisive role. A baby crib, changing unit, a children's wardrobe, as well as a Montessori shelf to neatly store toys and clothes, are indispensable. When choosing furniture, high-quality products should be preferred, as they are more durable and usually harmless to the health of the child.

2. The baby bed trend: rattan

A new trend for the nursery are cribs made of rattan. They are timeless, sustainable and elegant. This material makes any nursery special. The natural shades blend beautifully with the decor of the children's room. The intricate wickerwork required to make rattan cribs makes each bed unique and handmade.


3. Long-lasting baby beds are worth it.

It is advisable to choose sustainable materials and wood species such as ash, birch, rattan or beech and plywood when selecting furniture. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also ensure the health of the child, as they are low in harmful substances. A quote from the famous furniture designer Charles Eames is "To create the best for man, that is the philosophy of design".

4. Safety for the child comes first

In addition to the functionality of children's furniture, but it is also important to pay attention to the safety of the children's room for babies and toddlers. In children's rooms unsafe and easily tipped over constructions and cabinets have no place. Pointy objects, sharp edges or even items that can fall from cabinets should be removed. All electrical outlets should be secured at all costs. Children's furniture, cribs, play mats and all other items should be free of toxins such as formaldehyde or plasticizers. Test seals such as the GS seal or the RAL seal are desirable.

5. Important functions of baby beds

They come with and without height-adjustable mattress pads. For baby beds in the classic lattice design, make sure that the side panels and individual lattice bars are removable. This way, the baby bed can be converted into a day sofa and children can get in and out of the bed on their own. Furniture designer, Karim Rashid has said, "Design is not just how it looks and feels. Design is how it works." This function makes everyday life much easier for parents and children.


6. What can not be missing in the children's room

To create a safe and inspiring play area in the children's room, toy boxes can be filled with favorite toys, stuffed animals or books. A Pikler triangle and a sufficiently thick play mat should also not be missing. Especially the play mat is practical and allows parents to create a temporary play area in other places in their own home, if this is ever needed spontaneously.

7. Conclusion

Parents should consider pedagogical, practical, aesthetic, design and safety aspects when designing a child's room. Only if this is done can a sufficiently safe, child-friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment be created. The use of furniture and accessories made of sustainable materials is in line with the spirit of the times and is recommended for the sake of the environment. Lovingly furnishing the children's room, taking into account the current trends and the use of sustainable materials, not only creates a pleasant environment for children, but also pleases the eye of parents.

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