Promoting premature babies with the pikler triangle

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design Studio for Children's Products:

Premature babies need special encouragement as they often struggle with introversion and anxiety. The Pikler Triangle can help promote self-confidence and personality development in premature babies. In this article, we explore the benefits of the Pikler Triangle and how it promotes infant development.



Pikler triangle with slide


How toys can encourage premature babies?

For premature babies, it is important that they have the opportunity to assert themselves while young and without being exposed to excessive frustration. Premature babies should be encouraged to try new things so that the little explorer is awakened.


Climbing on the Pikler Triangle promotes motor skills, cognitive abilities and self-confidence in premature infants. It offers masterable challenges for every stage of development of the premature infant, which strengthens the self-confidence of the premature baby without frustration.

Pikler Triangle as a support for premature infants

The Pikler Triangle also known as the climbing triangle, lets the little ones test their own limits. With each additional rung that is included in the climbing, the little ones can grow beyond themselves and experience feelings of success. It is wonderful as a parent to see how happy the little ones are about their sense of achievement when climbing or sliding. The pride in their eyes when they cross the Pikler style climbing triangle is heartwarming and gives the children just the opportunity to assert themselves at a young age. The Pikler Triangle offers children the opportunity to develop in a protected environment without frustration and to build a strong self-confidence.

Free play at the Pikler Triangle promotes self-confidence & motor skills

Playing with the Pikler Triangle promotes cognitive skills through hand-foot coordination, and trains the sense of balance. Posture is improved, muscles are strengthened and the sense of direction is developed. The most important positive effect in connection with premature babies, however, could be the sense of achievement that the little ones experience by climbing up and over the climbing device. Thanks to the triangular shape, the Pikler Triangle allows climbing with a healthy posture. The Pikler Triangle is a pedagogically valuable climbing triangle. Playing with this climbing frame according to Pikler helps in the physical as well as mental development of your child.

The climbing triangle Pikler type promotes creativity

In addition to the climbing game, the Pikler triangle is also suitable for fantasy games. In this way, children can not only let off steam, but also develop their creativity. By putting a blanket over it, the Pikler Tri angle becomes a cave, a tepee or a tent. They crawl through a tunnel or push their cars through it. There are no limits to the imagination. For these fantasy games a large Pikler triangle with plenty of space underneath. Such a sprout triangle transforms every nursery and childcare center into an adventure playground. The Pikler triangle supports active, free and creative play. The climbing tri angle is wonderfully suitable for children of different ages between 8 months and 7 years.


Pikler triangle - training device for toddlers from 1 year old

Parents also benefit from a Pikler Triangle. They have their child in view and can support him/her at any time. It is generally recommended to use the Pikler Triangle from the age of 1 year. For premature babies, this could be useful a little later. As soon as the child begins to crawl and can pull himself up independently, the Pikler Triangle may be offered.

The extra portion of fun - climbing triangle with slide

The accessory slide board according to Pikler provides additional climbing possibilities and thus additional play fun. The slide of the climbing tri angle can be used on both sides as a slide or as a chicken ladder for climbing.


The Pikler triangle with slide is a wonderful toy. Sustainable, ecological, free of harmful substances, durable as well as versatile. In addition, the children play creatively and actively. Of course, you can't speak for all parents who have had or have to go through such a difficult journey, nor is this a medically proven item, but you can make a recommendation for the Pikler Triangle Set in good conscience. Hopefully this article could support you in your search for useful play equipment for premature babies.

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