Playing safely with the Pikler Triangle

From the experts at Studio Belize® - Design studio for children's products:



Pikler triangle with slide


Tips for safe play on the Pikler triangle:

  • 1. No sharp edges and objects near the pikler triangle.
  • 2. Provide fall protection, preferably with a playmat
  • 3. Allow children to play with the pikler triangle only under parental supervision
  • 4. For very young babies or toddlers (e.g. 8 months to 1.5 years), hook the slide board only into the lower rungs to create a flat angle of      inclination
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  • 5. Buy a pikler triangle that is not too high. Our recommendation, a climbing triangle with a height between 60-80 cm
  • 6. The right distance between the rungs of the pikler triangle. Our recommendation: 12.5 cm - The right distance between the rungs prevents small children from getting their heads stuck in the rungs.
  • 7. Always choose a pikler triangle with rounded edges
  • 8. Allow sufficient space for romping on the pikler triangle
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