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The birth of the beloved child is approaching and parents are starting to think about the first nursery. What belongs in a baby's room? What are the must-haves? Which furnishings and toys are important from an educational point of view? What do I start with when planning the nursery design? This blog article shows you how to plan the first nursery, furnish it, what things are worth buying before birth and what to consider when furnishing the first nursery in general. Enjoy reading - let yourself be inspired!

Before you start thinking about the specific furniture of the children's room and the style of furnishing, be aware of one thing. The nursery doesn't have to be perfect before birth! Of course, it's fun to look at the beautiful play nooks, cribs, and wooden toys on Pinterest and Instagram, but definitely don't get stressed out by the perfectly decorated baby rooms. Decorating your first child's room takes time, and that's okay.


  1. Planning the nursery design

  2. Nursery for girls or for boys

  3. Wall design for the nursery

  4. Which wall color for the nursery?

  5. Nursery furniture for the baby room

  6. Tips for plenty of storage space in the nursery

How do I arrange furniture in the nursery & how do I design it?


1. planning the children's room design

For planning the nursery furniture, one must realize that the use of the nursery changes a lot between the time of birth, the 1st year of life and towards the 2nd year of life of the child. The size of the child's room is also a factor to consider when designing the room.

What areas does a child's room have?

  • Corner for creativity
  • Play area
  • Sleeping area
  • Retreat area
  • Changing area (mostly in city apartments)
  • Breastfeeding corner (often also in the living room)

However, before starting with the selection of the children's room furnishings, parents should first agree on a furnishing style. It often makes sense to orientate yourself on a picture that you particularly like.

Which furnishing styles for children's rooms are there?

  1. Classic Scandinavian
  2. Modern
  3. Boho
  4. Minimalist
  5. Playful

Which style would you choose?

2. nursery for girls or for boys

The nursery for boys blue and the nursery for girlspink. Those days are over. More and more parents are opting for a gender-neutral nursery with neutral and warm tones. Sustainable materials such as rattan, bamboo and real wood are increasingly used in modern and gender-neutral children's rooms.

Especially children's beds made of rattan give the children's room a very high-quality and natural touch. The cognac-like color of the sturdy material is neutral and goes wonderfully with natural textiles of the children's room.

3. wall design for the nursery

You have decided on a baby room interior style. Now there is a fundamental question. Do you also want to design the wall of the children's room in a special way? If you decide to design the nursery wall, you should start with it before you equip the room with the children's furniture and toys.


What are the options for the wall design of a child's room?

  1. Children's room wallpaper
  2. Wall stickers
  3. Borders
  4. Wall paint for children's room

With these options you can design the walls of the children 's room in a wonderfully individual way. Paint one or more walls in the color you like, create an ensemble of two colors or accentuate individual areas of the children's room. Children's wallpapers alone already offer a lot of possibilities for rum design. Often it makes sense to choose a timeless variant of wall design for the children's room. Consider the amount of work, choose the right design option for you and get started!

4. which wall color for the children's room?

Perfect for the wall design of the children's room are high-contrast and muted (or desaturated) colors, for example, pastel shades. They have a calming effect on the child, can be easily perceived and are low in irritants.

Very good and recommendable are the wall colors of the brand CAPAROL ICONS. The colors are "Made in Germany" and the available shades are simply beautiful. Especially for children's rooms, CAPAROL ICONS has the children's room collection. The curated colors range from pastel, slightly bright colors to soothing and neutral shades.

They are matched to the requirements of the different zones of the children's room. The colors invite children to play, dream, explore, sleep and be creative.


Image: CAPAROL ICONS brand website.

We used the colors of CAPAROL ICONS in our design studio. They are very durable, cover beautifully and look wonderful.

5. nursery furniture for the baby room

The changing area

The changing area is used from birth and therefore should be set up early. Here, a changing table with the right height for you and your partner should be purchased. You should be able to stand as upright as possible at the dresser. It should also have a fall-down protection. Also advantageous from the time of birth is a child's wardrobe. Initially, this is used for storing baby clothes, then later to store children's clothing. The children's wardrobe is often quite long in use. It is quite present children's furniture, which, together with the crib, wall design and texture of textiles, shapes the interior style of the children's room.

What children's room furniture is important for the changing area?

  • Changing table
  • Fall down protection
  • Mobilee
  • Children's wardrobe

How is the play area of a child's room furnished?


The play area of a child's room changes a lot in the first two years after birth. Shortly after birth, when the baby is not yet mobile, it usually consists of a play blanket or better a nice play mat, play bow and grasping toys.

From the first year of life, when the baby has become a mobile toddler, the focus shifts to encouraging the child through movement. Lots of movement and training of hand / foot coordination promotes motor skills, creativity and self-confidence of the toddler. For this purpose, the purchase of a climbing toy, e.g. a Pikler Triangle makes sense. The occasion for the purchase of such a climbing triangle is often the 1st birthday.

As storage space for toys and for storing books, Montessori shelves for toys can then be offered from the 1st year of life. These are age appropriate for your toddler and can be reached wonderfully by toddlers themselves.

What play & children's furniture belongs in the play area of a child's room?

  • Play blanket
  • Play arch
  • Grasping toys
  • Pikler triangle
  • Montessori toy shelf
  • Wooden toys
  • Children's books


Toddlers and children also need their retreat. In this area children can be for themselves, rest or look at books. This zone of the children's room should be designed in soothing colors. The "look and feel" of the textiles used should also support this calming effect of the retreat.


What playroom & nursery furniture belongs in a child's room retreat?

  • Teepee tent
  • Floor bed
  • Montessori bookshelf
  • Colors of walls & textiles should be soothing

Sleeping area

Shortly after birth, babies sleep in their parents' bed in most cases. This then changes over time and child-specific between the 1st and 2nd year of life. Then many families use children's beds, which are then usually first in the parents' bedroom and then moved to the child's room.


What nursery furniture fits into the sleeping area of a child's room?

  • Baby crib
  • Growing baby crib
  • Loft bed
  • House bed
  • Curtains (darkening)

Creativity corner

The corner for creativity is part of the play area and is mostly used by children between 3 and 5 years old. Here children paint, knead and later do handicrafts. Therefore, for the baby and toddler room, this zone of the children's room is not very relevant.

What children's room furniture belongs in the creativity corner of a child's room?

  • Children's table
  • Children's chairs

Breastfeeding corner

Breastfeeding is a natural, natural and everyday act. The breastfeeding process also takes place in the stress of everyday life and can, but doesn't have to, always run smoothly. That's why it's important that you make yourself comfortable in the breastfeeding corner. Find a place where you feel comfortable. This place does not necessarily have to be in the baby's room. It can also be in the living room, for example, with a view of the garden.

Set up a comfortable chair or armchair and a nice side table, perhaps with a carafe of water and glasses. Some mothers read their favorite book or magazines while breastfeeding. However, there should also always be a gauze cloth ready for the baby's burp. For mothers who appreciate quiet during breastfeeding, the nursery is often recommended as a place for the nursing corner. The mother can be for herself and has time to breathe deeply.

6. tips for plenty of storage space in the nursery

When furnishing small children's rooms, the integration of sufficient storage space is a particular challenge.

How to create storage space in the children's room?

  • Differentiate into "frequently used things" & "rarely used things".
  • Rotate toys
  • Sort out toys that are not age appropriate
  • Loft beds with integrated closets or spaces for children's desks
  • Use of children's closets with clothes rails

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