How to create the perfect dream school bag

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Back to school 2023

Thefirst day of school is approaching and the excitement for children and parents is rising. School enrollment marks the beginning of a new phase in life that brings a lot of new things for both parents and children. To successfully master the 1st day of school and the day of enrollment, you will find below recommendations for the contents of the school bag, gift ideas for enrollment and the dates of enrollment for 2023 in the individual states. We wish you and your child all the best for the first day of school!

What to give for the first day of school?

To find the right gift, it makes sense to put yourself in the role of the child and ask yourself how the new situation looks like for the child, which arises from the school enrollment. Which things would help the school child to master this new situation successfully.

New friends, many new faces, the way to school, reading, writing, homework, children from other classes, things for school, learning the ABCs and much more....But also a new daily routine with a certain new routine.

It is worth both practical things for the school day, as well as educational gifts that support the child in learning and help to understand the many new friends, other school children and sensory impressions.


The enrollment gifts we recommend should help you make the entry into this new and exciting stage of life a little nicer.

    School enrollment gift - Recommendation for parents, friends & relatives.

    ABC flashcards, the perfect gift!



    Gift ideas for the start of school

    • School bag or satchel
    • Desk
    • Wrist watch for children
    • Keychain
    • Bookmark

    What belongs in the school bag ?

    • ABC flashcards
    • Timetable
    • Sports bag
    • Water bottle & lunch box
    • Pencil
    • Wooden crayons in different colors Colors
    • Neck pouch with clear plastic fastener (e.g. for bus ticket)
    • Small umbrella
    • Cases for pens or pencil case
    • Letter cookies
    • Ruler, glue stick

    When does school enrollment take place?

    When is school enrollment in Baden-Württemberg?
    11.09. - 22.09.2023
    When is school enrollment in Bavaria?
    When isschool en rollment in Berlin?
    When isschool enrollment in Brandenburg?
    When isschool enrollment in Bremen?
    When isschool enrollment in Hamburg?
    When isschool enrollment in Hesse?
    When isschool enrollment in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?
    When isschool enrollment in Lower Saxony?
    When is school enrollment in Nordreihn-Westfahlen?
    07.08. - 08.08.2023
    When is school enrollment in Rhineland-Palatinate?
    When is school enrollmentin Saarland?
    When isschool enrollment in Saxony?
    When isschool enrollment in Saxony-Anhalt?
    When is school enrollment in Schleswig Holstein?
    When isschool enrollment in Thuringia?
    The dates do not claim to be correct