Sleeping bag baby: advice for every season

It is undisputed that good sleep is very important for the development of your baby. The baby sleeping bag is an important part of the baby's first equipment, which can ensure a safe and restful sleep, if it is properly selected and used.


  1. The right size
  2. Baby Winter Sleeping Bag & Baby Summer Sleeping Bag - What is the difference?
  3. How do I put the sleeping bag on my baby?
  4. My baby does not want to sleep?

What is there to consider with the baby sleeping bag?


1. the right size

The baby sleeping bag size plays a crucial role, as the sleeping bag should provide your baby with enough space to romp. Nevertheless, the child should be able to turn onto its stomach only with great difficulty. If the sleeping bag is too big, there is a risk that the baby will lose too much heat and move too much.

Baby sleeping bag: what is the right size at what age?

  • For a 7-month-old baby, sleeping bag baby size 68/74 (for body height 68-75 cm) is ideal.
  • When your baby is 5 months old, Sleeping Bag Baby size 62/68 (for body size 62-68 cm) is recommended.
  • For a 9-month-old baby again fits the sleeping bag baby size 68/74.
  • If your baby has reached 4 months of age, sleeping bag baby size 62/68 is a good choice.

A general rule of thumb for determining the ideal sleeping bag baby size is: body length minus head length plus 10 cm. So your baby has enough legroom and can sleep comfortably.

2. baby winter sleeping bag & baby summer sleeping bag - What is the difference?

The season determines which baby sleeping bag you should choose. Baby winter sleeping bag is lined and provides more warmth. For a room temperature below 20 ° C, you should choose a winter sleeping bag baby. Here, the baby should also wear a long-sleeved bodysuit and a romper.


For the baby sleeping bag summer, on the other hand, it is enough if your baby wears only a bodysuit. At room temperatures above 26 degrees, babies and toddlers only need a short-sleeved bodysuit - without summer sleeping bag baby.

3) How do I put on the sleeping bag for my baby?

The question "What do I put on my baby in the baby sleeping bag?" is one of the most frequently asked. The answer depends on the season and room temperature:

  • In sleeping bag baby winter, you should dress your baby with a long-sleeved bodysuit or pajamas made of cotton.
  • In sleeping bag baby summer only a bodysuit under the light summer sleeping bag is enough.
  • At room temperatures of 22-23 °C you can dress your baby in a sleeping bag and pajamas.

Be careful not to put socks or cap on your baby in the sleeping bag to avoid overheating.

4. my baby does not want to sleep?

Your baby may have difficulty falling asleep despite having a cozy sleeping bag. Try to get your baby to sleep by creating a soothing environment, such as an even room temperature, dim lights, and soft lullabies.

Remember that a good baby sleeping bag can go a long way in helping your baby have a restful night. So make sure you choose the right sleeping bag baby for your little one and dress it properly.

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