Particularly durable & robust


Due to the "double-sided grub screw".

The "double-sided grub screw" is professionally inserted into the solid rungs of the RICKI RACKA® Pikler Triangle by the craftsmen:inside in our manufactory. They are fixed to the legs of the Pikler Triangle with high quality nuts during self-assembly.
The installation of this special screw prevents the rungs from breaking out and makes the RICKI RACKA® particularly durable & robust.

Quality through craftsmanship

Quality for generations. True to this motto, our manufactory has been producing quality products for families for decades - including the world's best-selling designer children's high chair, beds that grow with the child and now also Pikler triangles for children. Natural materials in tested and optimized constructions, for a long use. Wood stored for a long time and dried in this way, provides the most stress-free raw material possible, which is further processed into long-lasting quality products. Careful processing, extra-fine sanded surfaces and rounded edges characterize the premium quality of the Pikler triangle RICKI RACKA®. Screwed rungs (not glued) make it especially robust & durable.

So that our children can romp according to all rules of children's play art and claim the Pikler Triangle in the long term.