Retirement: Time for the grandchildren

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Retirement is a unique phase of life when grandparents have the wonderful opportunity to devote more time to their grandchildren. If you want to learn how retired grandparents become loving companions to their grandchildren without conflicting with their parents, then this article is for you.

How do grandparents become loving companions to grandchildren?

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren has changed over time and is becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, grandparents enjoy taking exciting short trips and outings with their grandchildren. In this way, they support their parents in their stressful everyday working lives. In the past, on the other hand, grandparents tended to be more passive, e.g. as storytellers during grandchildren's visits. Modern grandparents are more active and also spend time with the grandchildren in everyday life to support the parents.

1. varied interactions are beneficial for grandchildren's development.

Also hearing different perspectives and ideas than always hearing their own parents. Interacting with other people, grandma and grandpa, allows grandchildren to learn about different perspectives on a topic. This broadens their horizons and trains their empathy.
Shared activities create valuable memories and provide valuable knowledge in areas where parents may not be as knowledgeable as grandparents.


2. retirement gives grandparents more free time.

Free time can be used to do things together with grandchildren and parents. Think of joint trips, short vacations with the grandchildren that they would rarely or never experience with the parents. Think about how you can ease the parents' stressful daily lives and how you can support them.

"Arrangements and relaxed togetherness".

This is the secret to a harmonious relationship with parents and grandchildren: Not taking everything so seriously, even sometimes just listening to the parents or the grandchildren.

To ensure a smooth relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, it's important to make arrangements and deal calmly with questions about parenting. Gifts can be a sensitive topic, so it's helpful to check with parents to see what items the young family actually needs or where financial assistance would be helpful. Cribs, strollers, car seats, or even the occasional high-quality wooden toy such as a Pikler triangle - these are items that are expensive for young families and where financial assistance is often welcome.

3. health and safety as well as a good feeling of the parents have top priority.

Grandparents should respect and follow parents' wishes. Don't eat too much sugar, wear a helmet when riding a bike, and don't watch too much TV. Parental rules regarding children's health should also definitely be taken seriously. This is not only about the safety of the children but also about parents feeling taken seriously and about trusting grandparents.

4. grandparents spend time with the grandchildren and thus support the parents.

Parents can take time off and use time for themselves or errands. Traveling together creates valuable time off for parents, while grandchildren benefit from the experience and care of their grandparents.

"Time together keeps you mentally and physically fit."

Spending time together with grandchildren enriches grandparents' lives and contributes to mental and physical fitness. Outdoor activities and playing games together promote good health and stimulate the mind. A good relationship between grandparents and grandchildren provides new experiences, perspectives and impressions for all involved.


5. in conclusion, a few tips:

  • Education is always the responsibility of the parents
  • The rules that are particularly important to parents should be respected
  • Grandparents also have freedom in interpreting the rules, children know who makes the rules and can distinguish between parents & grandparents
  • Grandparents should be open to new knowledge and adapt - Many issues are handled differently today based on new knowledge
  • Care hours should be set in a timely manner and by agreement
  • Grandparents should not be overly demanding & not push their limits
  • Parents should trust grandparents and value their experience
  • Special experiences can be left to grandparents to create a special bond
  • Rituals provide safety & routine for young children
  • Open communication and problem solving are important to foster a relaxed relationship

6. conclusion

By taking these tips to heart and focusing on good communication and agreements, parents and grandparents can build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. This relationship is invaluable and offers grandchildren the opportunity to benefit from the love, care and experience of their grandparents.

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