Game ideas for the pikler triangle: Games & Fun

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The pikler triangle is a pedagogically valuable piece of play equipment that offers your child a wealth of playful possibilities, from the first crawling attempts to school age. But what exactly are the many possible uses of the climbing triangle with slide?

Here we present 6 creative play ideas that make the pikler triangle an indispensable part of your child's room! Have fun reading!

What are the play options on the pikler triangle?

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1. Babies - pulling up on the climbing triangle

Pikler triangle for babies: First climbing attempts Already from the age of 8 months your baby can make first experiences with the climbing triangle. For example, he can practice pulling himself up on it and thus develop important muscles and coordination for later crawling and walking.

2. Slides - with fun guaranteed!

Pikler triangle with slide: Even more fun with the additional slide board . Whether the child is still small or already a little bigger - sliding delights everyone! Make sure a soft surface, like a play mat, can cushion small and unavoidable falls.

3. The chicken ladder - 2in1 slide for climbing triangle

Pikler triangle with chicken ladder Especially for smaller children, the use of the climbing triangle with chicken ladder is very popular. For this purpose, the slide can be turned around according to Pikler. It has rungs and resembles a chicken ladder. Babies crawl up it and enjoy their climbing and crawling successes. This promotes concentration and motor skills of your child in a playful way.


4. Pikler triangle: Hanging & lying down

Hanging and lying on the pikler triangle hanging or lying on the pikler triangle strengthens the back muscles and promotes the development of a healthy posture - important for children who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down.

5. Pikler triangle as a tunnel for crawling.

Build a cave or tunnel: With a few blankets or sheets, the climbing tri angle can easily be transformed into a cozy cave or an exciting tunnel. This encourages your child's creativity and is a lot of fun!

6. Obstacle course for toddlers

Obstacle course for maximum excitement: With a few simple steps you can turn the climbing triangle into an exciting obstacle course. The climbing tri angle can be placed on one side of the room and on the other side there is a beanbag or a sofa, for example. Now it's up to your child to get from one side to the other as quickly as possible - without touching the floor - Have fun!



    7. Conclusion

    The climbing triangle makes creative play at home possible! Whether as an exciting Montessori climbing triangle, Its versatile applications make it interesting for toddlers for a long time and motivate to move.

    With the right accessories, such as a slide board , the play possibilities expand. But the climbing triangle offers even more: it can be folded and even used outdoors. With a wooden climbing tri angle you also follow the Montessori pedagogical approach

    No matter whether you choose a Montessori climbing triangle with slide or for the climbing triangle without slide. There are no limits to your child's imagination. So, what are you waiting for? Discover now the many great possibilities that the climbing triangle offers your child. Create an open play environment for creative fun - with the climbing triangle with slide!

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